"The Journey Home"
2003 - The 8th time! - Based on Kryon Book Five

Facilitators of the new Kryon JH experience 2003
Dr. Sid Wolf, Dr. Amber Wolf, Lucy Beale, Lee Carroll
Helper Angels: Connie Okelberry, Emily Green

Lots of big photos... be patient while they load! It's worth it.
(all photos by Lee Carroll)
Click the button at the left for more photos of the hotel and the beautiful Snowbird scenery.
The Staff
(top left) Drs. Amber and Sid Wolf
(middle) Lucy Beale
(right) Lee Carroll
(bottom left) Emily Green and Connie Okelberry
The Meetings

We had 44 attendees for this seminar (not all are shown here). It was just about the perfect number for a mountain-top intensive. (left) This is the main room where the ceremonies and main teaching took place. Other photos (below) feature the various break-out rooms we enjoyed.

The Food

Each day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner was served in a private dinning room of our own, right next to the main meeting room.

Ceremonies and group activities

The rest of these photos show some of the ceremonies, group break-out discussions, energy work, and the final "foot-washing." This seminar is unique to the Kryon book, and a celebration of the new energy on the planet.

In the book "The Journey Home," the character Michael Thomas was asked to "feel the sword."
The foot-washing ceremony.... a staple of the Kryon energy, to honor the Human Being on earth and promote self-worth!
Dr. Wolf.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzz