April 24, 2005

This channelling was presented at the last Journey Home Retreat that will ever be given (Retreat #10). It was done at the last day, in front of the "graduates" of that event. It is the extension of the story within Kryon Book Five, "The Journey Home," and represents "the rest of the story," as channelled by Kryon for those who really wanted to know what happened to Michael Thomas.

Thanks to all of those who believed in this story, and who were blessed by the many lessons and meanings within it.

Lee Carroll



And now, graduates, I wish to do something that has been requested by many through these years… something my partner has not been told to do, and something my partner never thought he would be. In all appropriateness for the time and the energy of completion, The Journey Home will be given to you now - the rest of the story.

Let us speak of Michael Thomas. Having walked through the land of seven angels - having arrived back on earth with the realization that home meant ascending while on earth, we find this man changed. Indeed it is his ascended being [Higher-Self]  that walks the planet with a higher vibration and understanding, but in partnership with the Human who he is. Look at Michael Thomas as he goes to work. His sword is there; his shield is there; the armor and the mantle of God is all there. It's invisible, you know? He has slain the beast completely and yet it lives with him everywhere he goes, and he knows it. And that's fine with him because he is in control of it, just like he is in control of his own biology. The darkest thing on earth lays within him, but he is now in control of it. The most spiritual thing on earth resides in him also, and he has elected to let it expand.

Each day he is reminded of the profound journey he took in that marvelous land of learning. And when you as readers, left the story, Michael Thomas had found a job. Not just any job, for the creator within Michael Thomas looked around and said, "Which job in this city amplifies my magnificence?" So he found it. He went into an establishment that had posted a sign: No applications necessary. Don't bother to apply. We're full.

As the story goes, in-went Michael Thomas and emerged within moments with a job. The job meant doing what he did best. Michael Thomas was an organizer. He had charisma. He made a wonderful sales person for the company that he worked for. He could talk intelligently; he was believable; he was honest and he had integrity. When he did business with a client, everyone was a winner when they were finished. He fit into the systems of his culture, yet rose above it. Then the story was left hanging  after that… left to your imagination.

What happened to Michael Thomas? Did he face some of the things like you face on this planet as enlightened beings? What happened next? Did he find the precious Anolee, and if he did, how would that unfold itself? Where would he be and where would she be when they met? What would take place? Would he fulfill and manifest some of the things that the angels told him he could do? How would he use the principles that he'd been taught in the seven houses?

Well, we're going to give you a little vignette… a tiny snapshot of what happened next. We're going to tie-up the loose ends of the story for you. And there are those here who deserve to hear this, for they have facilitated this story many times for those like you, graduates. They have taught it up to the end of the writing, and now they deserve to hear the rest. [Speaking of the Journey Home facilitators, Amber and Sid Wolf and Connie Okelberry]

Michael Thomas stayed at that job for a very long time, actually for some years. He excelled. He went up the ladder of organizational hierarchy within the structure of that corporation. He made enemies too. Does that surprise you? He made enemies because Michael Thomas had a light that shown brightly. Have you ever been in a place where your light shined so bright that it made people angry? The answer is yes, graduate… reader. I know who is there. Too happy, are you? Don't fit into the mold, do you? Don't complain enough or participate in the drama of gossip, perhaps?

Everyday life is a cultural system, and some of you Lightworkers just don't fit. For it's a balanced system and the yin and the yang is there - the dark and the light. But you know that, don't you. Michael Thomas, walked with an ascended vibration that fit in very well for what he did. He had integrity. His light helped the company, it did. But there were those around him, one specifically, who was in charge of his department, that didn't like him at all. This supervisor made it tough for Michael Thomas. Michael knew why, too. He could see it clearly. Michael didn't grovel enough, or go to the parties he was expected to go to. He was a great salesman, so he was left alone. But he didn't "play the game." He never took advantage of anyone and he never stirred the drama that was always there to stir. When he went home from work, he blessed this person… his boss, hoping that the light would change that person and he would be able to see things better because of the light that Michael Thomas presented. It never happened.

Michael Thomas was becoming uncomfortable with his job. It was becoming harder because this immediate boss over him was not honoring his work or his efforts. It was almost like a battle where one person attacks and the other watches. It doesn't sound like a very divine life, does it? Indeed, if you ask Michael Thomas, he would have said, "I am the light house. It is a divine life. I realize now there are many portions of it that I must deal with." And he did. He did it well.

Through the course of listening to the others around him at work, he found out that this unpleasant boss of his had a daughter who had been in a very recent accident. She lay in a coma in a hospital, clinging to life. Michael Thomas thought about this. He thought about the angels and what they had said. He thought about the energy of healing and what he had learned in his journey. He felt compassion for this little one whom he had met at social occasions, but who now lay in a coma. He felt she was somehow "family," but he could not approach any action through the man who did not like him. He didn't want to say to the man, "May I visit your daughter?" for it would come across in a trite way. The man would refuse. "No, you don't have to do that, Michael, to get my favor," the man would probably say. Office protocol insisted that he NOT go.

Michael Thomas wanted so much to be next to that little one. He said to himself, "If I could just be next to her, I could call in the angels that helped me. All I have to do is be in her room. I know it will make a difference." Michael thought very hard about this. What can I do that is appropriate and within integrity? He made up his mind. He would do it alone, without permission, so that no one would know. He didn't need permission, for anyone can visit anyone in a hospital... but not at all hours he found out. But Michael Thomas went to the hospital after hours anyway, as is his way. He came across a barrier, of course, being questioned by a large nurse.

"It is after hours, sir. Are you family to this little girl? Because only family is allowed."

Michael Thomas stood up and spoke the truth.

"I am family." And they let him in. Michael smiled. His truth was that those around him who he loved were all family, and he knew it was real for him and them too.

He made his way to the room of the child. He could hear the voices of her parents down the hall in a room that was created for those who wait for death. He could feel the uneasiness and the darkness in the hallways. He could smell the disease in a place that was filled with sorrow and so much despair. Many had made their transition here - so much emotion had been placed into the fabrics here, and they glowed with the sorrow of this place. Michael felt it, and almost could see it. He was aware of how Humans leave a trail of their own energy wherever they go, and he knew that many had imprinted their anguish and disheartenment in the very walls he passed. 

Then he thought to himself, "Perhaps this precious little girl is part of that dying process. Who was he to change it?" Then he remembered what the angels had told him about appropriateness and family and even the death of his parents. If appropriate, that's what will be. But appropriateness was with free choice! Then he also remembered what the angels had told him about his responsibility to family and how, if he shows the light in the right places, it could change things. He remembered what the angels had told him about predisposed Humans, and how there was no such thing as predestination. Everything was free choice, and could change if an individual Human made a choice to change it. So Michael decided. He would allow the little girl a better choice, after she had seen his light - after she had sensed the beauty of a reason to live that most don't even know about.

He found the room and went into it and there she was! As soon as he saw her, he knew. He knew! This little one was not destined to pass over. She was waiting for him. He knew it He stepped into the room and instantly he saw his friends – seven of them… all the colors were vivid with the sacredness of free choice. As he often did in moments of intense energy, he said very little. This man with the shining face, called Michael Thomas, looked upon the child and spoke to her sweetly.

"Dear one, it is not time yet, is it?" And then he told her a story. He told her about a white angel that had visited him once when he was in the hospital in a coma. And he knew at some level she could hear him. He told her everything, and it took only a moment. Then Michael spoke directly:

"Wake up small one and discover the God within, for there is much more life for you if you wish it. For you have things to give to the earth and to your parents. We need you!" The angels around him were proud, and they saw that Michael Thomas of pure intent had not lost a thing of their teaching. In fact, he was a teacher now, himself. The room glowed and a choir of invisible and silent entities sang a song that could be heard all over the universe. In the quiet stillness of that moment, a bright light was being lit… a life would remain on the planet. Then Michael left.

As he was leaving, he heard a stirring in the room. Quickly he turned back and saw the little one's eyes fluttering. She was awakening. He knew he had to make a quick exit or he'd be discovered. The monitors connected to her were sounding her awakening and the parents would be in the hall immediately. Michael did a fast exit through the stairwell.

It was two days later at work. The word had gotten around that the little girl had suddenly recovered, coming out of the coma and gaining weight again. Many were celebrating, but he didn't expect what took place next. His boss… the man who had given him so much trouble, asked to speak to Michael Thomas. But he didn't call Michael Thomas into his office upstairs. Instead, the man came into Michael Thomas' area and sat on the couch. He spoke softly.

"Mike, I'm gong to ask you a question and I want you to answer honestly to me."

"I'm always honest, sir." Replied Michael.

The man flinched a little as though he had insulted Mike. But he continued.

"Mike, did you or did you not, come to see my daughter in the hospital?"

Michael Thomas knew he was in trouble. This would be the final straw. He had broken protocol and had gone anyway. He was prepared for what was to come. He was about to be fired. This would be the reason for the firing, and now here was his boss, in Michael's office, about to do the deed.

His boss looked at him without blinking.

"Did you?" And Michael Thomas straightened up and prepared for the worst.

"Yes, I did." The boss was quiet for a moment and looked down. Michael Thomas could tell that the man was having difficulty with his countenance. Something was going on. The boss looked up and Michael saw tears.

"My daughter said that while she was sleeping, a man came into her room with blond hair and a shining face. And with him, behind him, there were all the colors of the rainbow. She said the man spoke to her and gave her something, a gift, that she didn't expect and doesn't remember. And then he left. And she wanted to know from her daddy - me - who this man was. She told me she wanted to meet him and be with him, because he had joy."

Both men were silent… seemingly forever. Then Michael's boss stood up and started for the door. He turned briefly and smiled to Michael.

"Thank you." That's all he could say. Then he left.

Michael Thomas had used the four attributes of love that he learned in his journey. Love is quiet. Love does not puff itself up. Love has no agenda, and love knows how to use the other three in a wise way. Because of these attributes and the way things worked that day, the preciousness of this event was applied to everyone. There was not a loser among them. Everyone won. Could she have died? Oh yes, my dear ones… oh yes. It was her choice and she was well on the way. Does it ever make you wonder if your light makes a difference? Well it does! Michael Thomas knew it. He knew it when he laid eyes on her in the hospital bed.

Michael didn't have a whole lot of trouble at work from then on. His boss simply left him alone. Yet somehow he knew it was time to move on. There were actually two reasons for this. First, he knew he had stayed long enough to have actually accomplished the reason why he was kept there. He had a very good sense of purpose and how the Universe worked. His work with the little girl was over… the reason he was kept there. But the second reason was even more profound in his mind, You see, Michael Thomas was measuring the days. "How many days do I have to stay in one place before I have met everybody there is to meet in one building? And if a certain person is not there who I know I'm going to meet, then I must move on. Because I'm going to meet her."

 Michael had a great job, but he had met everybody. He'd worked numbers of years, and he'd met all the vendors, all the clients, everybody on every floor… looking for Anolee. People thought Michael Thomas was one of the friendliest guys in the building!

"That guy goes everywhere!" They would say. He'd been to see the janitors, the helpers, and even went to the laundry room!

"He knows everyone's name!" They would say. The friendliest man in the building. Yet she wasn't there. Anolee wasn't there. Michael Thomas often thought to himself, "Well, if I wait long enough, perhaps she'll come to me?" He knew better. He had waited long enough.  Find another job, was what he must do. Perhaps start learning still another building!

Michael Thomas said to himself. "I would love to emulate my dad. He had a business of his own and it was farming. Now, I'm not a farmer and I don't want to be a farmer and it's hard to be a farmer in Los Angeles." But indeed, Michael knew all about farming. He had ridden the tractor many times, helped his dad all of those years. He knew about the seasons, the chemistry, the planting secrets, the seeds, all the names. He knew all about plants and crops and how they grow and what to do to make them flourish. He was extremely knowledgeable. He was a farmer! What could he do with that?

"I'm going to form my own business… a business in this city, which is a major port, importing and exporting seeds, biology, and everything anyone would need to be used in farming… farming for the earth, needed in many countries." And he did.

The next stage of Michael Thomas' life was about to unfold. With honor and grace, he gave his resignation and they gave him a party - begged him to stay, especially the big boss, who he's only met one time when he was hired. The big boss finally admitted that Michael represented a significant percentage of their sales and offered him a big raise, even stock options. Michael then realized how much they had hidden from him and how valuable he really was to them. Then he felt better about leaving, since there had been some deception at the top level, and this is not where he wanted to stay. But he hated to leave one person… he'd become especially close to the little girl. Oh, he never admitted to her that he was the one in the hospital, but every time she looked at him, she couldn't speak. He was the angel in her dreams who had made the difference. She would remember him for the rest of her life.

Michael Thomas started his farming supply business. He imported all manner of chemicals and biological substances for growing. He got into many specialized soils and seeds that went into this kind of endeavor. He set it up, started operating, and it was instantly successful. The farmers loved him… everywhere. He talked their talk. He even talked to the ones in Minnesota. They loved him too. He was in his place, his sweet spot, in a difficult area called Los Angeles, doing well. He was serving those in the Midwest who he knew and loved, as well as helping to consult and sell to third world countries who were just starting to farm their lands. Then something happened.

His secretary buzzed Michael through his phone intercom on a busy day.

"That fertilizer salesman is here to see you Mike." She said. "The company who you asked to present a price plan to you today. Remember?"

Michael rolled his eyes. He didn't have time for another vendor presentation today. He had a successful business, and many companies wanted to be considered for Michael to represent their products. Being who he was, Michael gave them all time for it.

"Send him in," he said to his secretary.

"Um.. it's a SHE." Replied his secretary, softly.

"Okay, what's her name?" In the background, Michael heard a soft exchange between his secretary and the salesperson.

 "Her name's Anne."

Michael felt the tingle. He straightened up and walked around his desk a couple of times. Was he ready? Was this it? Could it be? Did he dare ask if she had red hair? He would find out soon enough.

"Michael?" Michael was startled. He was deep in thought, or was he scared? His secretary was concerned by the silence.

"Send 'her' in." Michael was apprehensive.

In the door walked Anolee, redheaded, and the perfect image of the special woman Michael had met in his journey… a farm girl! Michael Thomas was chuckling. He was laughing out loud. He was overjoyed! He could hardly contain himself, but he knew he had to be a little more refined this time around. The last time they had met, although it had been an etheric meeting, he had botched it badly. Then Michael Thomas heard the angels laugh and he laughed with them.

"Who would have thought it? – A fertilizer salesman!" She never would have come into his life had he not chosen to return to his roots and follow his passion. He didn't have to go back home. All he had to do was follow the things that his father taught and shown him. And there she was! There she was! He had met a farm girl in the big city!

In retrospect, Anne told Michael later that she thought she had just walked into a crazy person's office that day. That he was "off the wall" as a personality and that all he could do was laugh! But she was hooked too… by the man with the shining face who was too joyful to be real, and had not wasted time and had asked her to dinner that very night.

Indeed, eventually they fell in love, of course. She didn't have to try very hard. He didn't have to try very hard. When it came time for their wedding picture, Michael Thomas made certain that the background was just perfect for their photo… one very similar to the one he used to have of his mom and his dad on their wedding day. He had lost that photo in one of his "learning sessions" during a massive storm. He put his new picture in a prominent place in the house and referred to it often. He saw within it, four people, not two. He was at last living the dream, to be as happy as his mother and father had been.

They had a beautiful start together and Michael held off telling Anne about his "journey." In those first years, he wondered when she be ready to hear about the places that he had been through, with all the angels. Would she believe it? Would she think he had dreamed it? And when the time was proper, he told her. He prepared a time and place where they would have many hours. She listened intently and grinned from ear to ear when it was finished.

You see, what he didn't know about the fertilizer salesperson is that she had many of the attributes of Mary, who he had met in The Journey Home. Anolee was on an ascension path herself, a path of great spirituality, one of great understanding. Even as a young woman, she had found all by herself, many of the things that Michael had to learn the hard way. They were equally yoked in this. They embraced together when he finally told her the story how he knew she was coming, and why he had been so joyful. She confided in Michael:

"That's so odd and funny. Because I had dreams. I knew you were coming, too. But I didn't expect a farmer." They laughed. Neither did he!

So together they made a fine household. Then the news came:  a child was on the way. And indeed it came, a beautiful little girl. And the first moment that Michael Thomas knew it was going to be a girl he spoke to Anne.

"We haven't chosen a name yet. But what would you think about Violet?" Anne said that was perfect. Anne knew who Violet was and the angel who it represented. She was pleased at this choice. Unknown to either of them, the angel Violet was pleased too, and she visited the little girl often in her dreams. Violet would speak of it later to both her parents, about the colorful angel who was her Godmother.

Not too much longer in the scheme of Michael Thomas' life, a little boy was born. He had flaming red hair, just like Anne. But this time it was Anne who spoke:

"I've got the name!" Anne exclaimed.

"I'll bet I know what it is." Michael was smiling and playing with her.

"I'll bet you do! Let's call him Red." Another angel! Red the bad eater, as Michael called him. And yep… little Red was not very good at the table, and much to the consternation of a mother who was trying to teach her little one how to eat properly, Michael would burst out laughing every time Red would spit out food. Michael finally had to excuse himself from the kitchen more than not, then run upstairs and laugh some more.

Finally, through the years, the third one came. Michael Thomas knew there would be three children, for in his former journey the angelic being who had stood before him called Anolee, had told him, "Here are our three children." The third one was born, a beautiful little boy with blond hair. They agreed to call him Michael Thomas, Jr.

We're going to finish this story by telling you that these two walked through life with a light you wouldn't believe. Without a church or a doctrine, without belonging to any organization whatsoever, they created their own divinity wherever they went. And people loved them for their peacefulness and for the joy that was theirs. And they navigated the difficulties and the challenges of this planet just like you do and they had their adjustments in marriage, just like you have had. But they maintained their joy. And their children saw it within them, and they grew up emulating it, to eventually spread even more light on the planet.

Then a miracle happened, and with this, we finish.

It was late at night and Michael Thomas saw the rainbow in the room where he was. And the angels that made up this rainbow spoke in unison to Michael.

"We've got a gift for you, Michael. Go downstairs." And he did.

At the base of the stairs he took a look at the credenza, where his wedding photo was. But it wasn't alone. Next to it was the picture that he thought he had lost, the one of his mom and dad on their wedding day. His precious photo had been returned to him by the angels, who had taken it for safekeeping.

Could such things happen? Only in a story perhaps? Can miracles of manifestation take place? Oh, yes. Just ask my partner [Lee]. He's had one in 3-D... real life.

Now, on the credenza, there are two pictures. Two couples that meant a lot to the planet, very much in love with each other, a love that lasts and lasts, even after death. For love leaves residue, and the planet is better for it. And that's the story of Michael Thomas. The whole story. The rest of the story. He waited for many years before he wondered if his children would be able to know of his journey, to be able to accept what he had been through. And oddly enough, the first one to know was Michael Thomas, Jr., the youngest… the Indigo. He didn't even blink when Michael told him the story. It wasn't even that strange. After all, little Mike had years to sense the energy of his mom and dad. Now, that old, old, story was being lived every day in his house! No big deal.

And that, dear ones, is where we leave Michael Thomas in story form, forever. There is no death in literature. If it doesn't get written, then it doesn't happen. He is suspended with his family for all time, and we will never describe his death or his tombstone, or his ending. For it never happens. You see, this is your story. It's a living story of life on the Earth that never ends, since you don't end. You are a cycle of life that is forever, a sacred one that is a mystery to you, yet a staple to the way things work.

Some may say, "It's too trite. It's too perfect. It has a happy ending." And so I say to you, dear ones, it's what we teach is the divinity within you… the potential of a perfect walk with God… one with no ending. Walk through the challenges, the diseases, the drama, the difficulties, and hold that light so that within you there is a bubble of joy wherever you go. Whatever life gives you, take your light and transform it into what serves you and those around you.

And remember… love has no agenda. Love is quiet. Love does not boast. As you walk from place to place and you look at other people, love them first and then ask their name. For their names will change, but your love will not. For they are, indeed, the ones you will meet again and again and again in your many incarnations. They are your real family.

The hardest thing we do is leave. This has been a special time for special Humans who we love.
And so it is.