Lyon, France ~ April 20, 21, 2002 ~

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(above): One of the most beautiful staging jobs any Kryon event has ever had! The theme was the Rainbow of the Family.
Jan Tober sings with Robert Coxon. Note the giant video screen at right. This was used for camera shots (as seen) and also to carry the AV show during Lee and Todd's lecture.

Lee Carroll steps up to the custom podium. Is that a fountain behind him? Yep.
(left): Setting up in the morning. The Theatre as seen from the back. (below) The Saturday crowd. The same conference was given Saturday and Sunday.
(above 1): The secret of the rainbow. Backstage theatre lights, on the floor, aimed at a screen.

(above 2):
The tech booth overlooks the stage and provides video and AV support to the show.

(right): Dr. Todd Ovokaitys
(above): Host Brigette Testut, Lee Carroll, and Jeanpaul (our master of ceremonies) and his wife, Micheline.
(above): The conference commercial area where many products were presented for the New Age attendees
(above): Our touring family - left to right,
Brigette Testut, Robert and Leena Coxon, Kally Khalilian, Jan Tober, and Frank Distelbrink

(right - above)
: The French Gematria family - Traci Kirksey, Marie-Christelle Neyroud, Anne-Marie Casu, and Ingrid Schaefer.

(right - directly): Our hosts together - Alain-René and Brigette
Cafes, churches, rivers, cobble-stoned streets, Robert Coxon (left)... hey... what's he doing there?
The drive into Lyon, along side one of the two rivers that runs through it.
All photos by
Lee Carroll