Miami ~ April 3, 2005
Hosts - Martha Pacheco & Antonio Campesino
Kryon - small
"At Home"
Miami Beach in April! Not to shabby. This IS the month to go to Miami (unless you are escaping from the snow... then anytime is good).
(above) This "at home" meeting in Miami was translated into Spanish for those in attendance. It featured attendees from over 8 countries, and even some from Spain!
(above - left) Lee Carroll . (middle) Antonio Campesino
introduces Lee. (right) Lee begins the seminar.
(above - left) Lee Carroll starts his channelling. (middle) Victoria González de Caldas & Jesús Piñuela from Spain.
(right) Preparing the meeting room in the morning.
(above - left) Tony and Martha (hosts) (middle) Robert Coxon, Patti Carroll, Tony Campesino, Lee, Martha Pacheco, and our volunteer translator (right) Robert Coxon and our volunteer translator.
(FUN IN THE SUN!) Lee with wife Patti at South Beach - (right) Lee with web coordinator and resident Floridian, Gary Liljegren