Ottawa, Ontario, Canada ~ April 13, 2003 ~
Hosts - Dr. John Ryan
& Michelle Malouin
We're back ! Ottawa, Ontario... the capital city of Canada!

A sign of the times...
An organized protest right outside our hotel against the American involvement in the war in Iraq.

Slogans were being shouted, "No blood for Oil!"

(above) Again the Fairmont Chateau Laurier hotel was our home for three days. Left, is the view of the lake (almost thawed!) and the locks from the hotel balcony. Right, is the hotel lobby. This hotel is one of the grandest in all of Ottawa.
(above) One of the most beautiful seminar rooms we ever present in! At the left... very early in the morning... at the right, the seats are full!
(above) Jan Tober gives her new Color/Sound meditation, and then... a surprise... Kryon begins to channel immediately afterwards.
The Gallery...
Hosts - Dr. John Ryan & Michelle Malouin
Lina, Robert, and Anouk Coxon
Maria George, and Adby Electriciteh
Jan Tober, in one of the fine hotel restaurants after the video interview.
Peter and Annette Beamish, our documentary video producers (see below)
Can you see Alain Kalfon, our translator in the booth? He's our French voice for the day.
(left) Kryon team members, Mary Kennedy and Dr. Todd Ovokaitys
The Gematria table in the concession area
Peter Beamish interviews Lee and Jan for a potential pilot documentary on Kryon.