Paris, France ~ May 5 and 6, 2001 ~
Main European Seminar of the year

(left) You have to take a trip to the Eiffel tower, no matter how busy you are with a Kryon seminar. Some things just HAVE to be seen and experienced!
2500 seats are prepared at the Pyramids Theatre near Paris. Technicians begin the setup for the weekend's Kryon seminar, featuring guest Gregg Braden
(above) The crowd arrives early to get the best seats Giant video screens on each side of the stage (see right), make every seat is a good one.
(above right ) The large screens on each side of the stage let people see everything that's happening up-close. This is a standard when audiences get beyond 1,000 people. Here the theatre checks out the system using the Kryon logos.
(left) The audience, a sellout crowd, let's themselves go into deep meditation, during Jan Tober's meditation.

This photo was taken almost in total darkness. Lee Carroll came out onto the stage with his camera and tripod. The time exposure took almost 20 seconds, yet nobody ever saw him!
(above) Gregg Braden, with French translator Alain-Rene, presents a special lecture on the Shroud of Turin.
(above right) Seemingly in the dark, but with 2500 pairs of ears intent on his every move, Robert Coxon presents his spectacular gift of music to the audience.
The participants take a bow at the on-stage finale: From left to right, Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, Gregg Braden, Lee Carroll, Jan Tober, and Robert Coxon.