Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ~ June 9, 2002 ~
Host - John Hobe
(above): In a photo that has obviously been put together from pieces, the crowd decides how to be preserved on our web site. Who takes these stage photos? It's Lee, of course, and everyone knows what it's for. It was a wonderful conference, attended by over 200 people. Somehow our host John Hobe avoided having his photo taken... but not next year! We'll get him!
(above ): Peggy Phoenix Dubro gives the Universal Calibration Workshop, the day before the Kryon seminar began. It's common for this very informative and profound information to be presented around every large Kryon workshop. Look on our schedule page to find out when this workshop is being presented. It's normally listed with each large event.

Philadelphia... Lots of wonderful American history in this beautiful city.
(above): Little Janny came to the event!
(above): Jan Tober begins her morning balancing session. This sets the energy of the whole day.
(above): Dr. Todd Ovokaitys (the blur at right) gives new information about DNA rejuvenation. (right) Mary Kennedy and Traci Kirksey at the Gematria table.
(above): Our great thanks to Garland of Letters Bookstore in Philadelphia for bringing such a complete selection of New Age products! Thank you Merima and Faith!

Garland of Letters Bookstore - 527 South St. - Philadelphia, PA - (215) 923-5946