Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ~ July 27, 2003 ~
Host - Jay Haines
Lots of big photos... be patient while they load!
(Photos by Lee Carroll and Jay Haines)
(left) The Liberty Bell - Philadelphia

The Liberty Bell is over 200 years old, and is one of the USA's most treasured symbols of liberty. In the early days of the American colonies, the Liberty Bell was rung to call people together for special announcements and events. It rang out from the tower of Independence Hall on July 8, 1776, summoning citizens to hear the first public reading of the Declaration of Independence. It has a very interesting history which includes cracking on its test ring in 1752, being remelted and recast only to have a poor tone, being remelted and recast for a third time in June of 1753. Sometime before 1846, the Bell developed a crack and during its ringing on George Washington's Birthday of that year, the crack grew to a length that rendered the Liberty Bell un-ringable.

Are you ready? ....

You might say that this made Philadelphia a candidate for the "Nobel" prize.
(groan) - Lee's joke. Blame it on him. He realizes that the joke is not all that it's cracked up to be.
Getting Ready (right)
This photo looks like we are early in the morning, huh? Yep... about 2:30am! That's when we get to setup, sometimes.
Again this year, the Embassy Suites Hotel was the venue, and they did a great job of helping us to get ready in the wee hours!

The Courtyard (below)
This is the covered interior of the hotel... (not outside!). It's the courtyard where attendees enjoyed the buffet lunch which was prepared just for the Kryon group. Later that night it rained... Glad this thing is inside!
Our host, Jay Haines, and musical artist, Robert Coxon.
Steve Dubro and Peggy's daughter, Krista.
Jan Tober, and special guests Zerah and Tom Boccia. It was Zerah who originally brought Kryon to the United Nations in 1995.


Take a good look at this Philadelphia crowd. Something's wrong, or there are twins in the audience! How come Benjamin (the young man in the red shirt) is on the front row twice? Dimensional shift?
I think we are having too much fun.
Ilan Wainer, and his wife Shana (Peggy Dubro's daughter). Ilan was the host for the Kryon Israel tour in 2000. Now he lives in Connecticut.
Lee Carroll, Jan Tober, and Robert Coxon greet the crowd and start the day with meditation.
Jan Tober, Robert Coxon, and Bea Wragee enjoy a break on the Saturday before the seminar.
Many thanks to Laura Haupt and the Answers Abound Metaphysical Bookshop for bringing everything! []
Every Kryon seminar starts with a meditation. Here, the Color & Sound meditation that has been the staple of the Kryon seminar-opening for 4 years, gets revamped with new energies and new auric interdimensional tones to go with each chakra. Jan Tober is the creator of this portion of the event.
(above left) Peggy Phoenix Dubro presents a workshop known as "The Answers are within You," part of The Heart of the Phoenix series. This workshop was presented on Saturday, a full day before the above Kryon main seminar.
(above right) Peggy Phoenix Dubro sets the energy for the whole Kryon seminar. She always goes on first!
(left and above)

Robert Coxon's late evening concert was very well attended. Above, Robert calls up on stage, an attendee who's birthday is that day!

She gets a private "musical reading" played just for her and recorded simultaneously live onto a CD - a birthday present.
(above) Lee Carroll and Jan Tober, during a one-hour "Q&A" session.
(above) Lee Carroll gets ready for the channelling.