Reno, Nevada ~ March 18, 2006 ~
Host: Rebecca Evans Co-Host: Ginny Carano
On March 18, the Kryon team again went to Reno, Nevada. The El Dorado hotel is always one of the best! They supply wonderful ammenities for us and have a very nice ballroom.
(left) Jan Tober and host Rebecca Evans.
The El Dorado Hotel has a very classy ballroom! This is right before we let the people in...
Jan Tober on stage with Robert Coxon for her Color and Sound Meditation.... always different.
(left to right) Gene Pascucci, Robert Coxon, Melissa Page, Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, Ginny Carano (co-host), Bea Wragee
(left) Jan Tober Jewelry of her own design - (right) Lee with our El Dorado waiter... the best server in the country!