San Francisco (South San Fran) ~ October 28, 2001 ~
Getting ready for the day.

The crowd arrives! The screens are a test of the new AV graphics that will be a permanent part of the new Kryon seminars.

Peggy Phoenix Dubro give the group some previews of the EMF Balancing Technique process.
Steve and Peggy Dubro at the EMF Balancing Technique table.
Lee does his famous "shot from the stage"
Todd Ovokaitys presents some very important physics, which represents important DNA information.
(above - left) - Dr. Todd, Mary Kennedy and Traci at the Gematria Table
(above - right) - Registration!
(above - left) Bea Wragee helps at Jan's table.

(above right) Hands Up! This is part of a profound balancing exercise which Jan leads.

(left) Jan, Robert, and Lee
(above) Dinner with the host! Left to right: Bea Wragee, Jan Tober, Robert Coxon, and Tom Park
(left two photos)
Barbara Harris (editor of this Emag!) and Mary Kennedy, have fun with the Kryon sign

(below that)

..way too much fun in the lobby!

(below- right)
The spectacular paintings of Orlea Rayne (Orlea not shown)
Is he sleeping? Meditating? Channelling?
None of those... just resting.
Had to include it! It's the Golden Gate!
(Photo taken by Lee when we wasn't resting)