Santa Fe, New Mexico ~ July 19-21, 2002 ~
Real Dumb Stuff!
The Kryon 6th Annual Summer Light Conference
Above: Lee adjusts his microphone boom right into Geoff's... "sensitive area."
Above: Lee, Geoff and Steve (with the hat) - start the tri-channel. It was named for this since they were "trying" to be serious.
Stupid Hat Tricks!
Left: Geoff and Lee get tired of Steve NOT removing his hat...
So, they put on their own!
Right: Not to be outdone, Steve begins to put on a series of hats...
but Geoff and Lee match him hat for hat... then it gets silly.
(actually it was silly right away)
There's nothing quite as pathetic as three grown men pretending they are much, much younger.
It all ends with a wonderful surprise to Lee, Steve, and the audience: From the back of the room comes
the voice of Ronna Herman!

"Boys... boys...boys.
We need some balance here!"

Unknown to Lee or Steve or the audience, Ronna Herman was flown in from Reno to make the "tri-channel" a "quad."
Ronna takes her place on stage and balances us with her "Goddess" energy (see the tiara?)

Thank you Geoff Hoppe and Linda Benyo for a wonderful sneaky thing... done very well and which was received with delight by all.
Thank you Ronna Herman, for your playfulness!
We all loved this day!

Look who found one of our hats!
Next time we will hide them better.

Peggy Phoenix Dubro and Dr. Todd Ovokaitys presented on Sunday.
Thank you!