Mt. Shasta, California ~ June 15-16-17, 2007 ~
Host - Beth Black
(Mt. Shasta)
Photos by Connie Okelberry & Lee Carroll
This was our last time in Mt. Shasta, and the 10th time we have produced the Kryon Summer Light Conference. The meeting was held in the auditorium of the College of the Sikiyous where 600 attended. Consensus says it was the best one of all, with the Kryon team and special guest Gregg Braden. Although Gregg has been presenting with the Kryon team for almost 10 years in Europe, it was the first time for the whole ensemble in the USA. Great thanks again to Beth Black for her wonderful organization, having done this for us for over 5 years. Pictured above is Jan Tober - Lee Carroll - Robert Coxon - Peggy Phoenix Dubro - Gregg Braden, and Dr. Todd Ovokaitys.
(above left) Friday night kick-off presenter Lynda Stone, describes her work in Human Design. (web site). (above right) Kryon team member Peggy Phoenix Dubro opens Saturday morning with new videos and expanded information on the EMF Balancing technique, a world-wide 18-year modality that she created. (web site)
(above left) Jan Tober brings new information - (above right) Gregg Braden, Dr. Todd Ovokaitys and Robert Coxon, serenade the crowd with an inpromptu trio! Jan Tober web site - Gregg Braden web site - Dr. Todd web site - Robert Coxon web site.