Vancouver BC, Canada ~ August 18, 2001 ~
Vancouver, BC is one of the most beautiful cities around! This was the view that met us from our hotel window!
Top and Middle: Here is Dr. Todd Ovokaitys giving a lecture regarding his DNA discoveries and research. Bottom: Take a look at the view that the attendees got to see all day long!
Vancouver at night. What an awesome sight!
The bay at Granville Island... a tourist spot with many shops and restaurants. Here you can catch a quick tour of the docks and bay facilities.
A tiny portion of the huge market at Granville Island. You have to see this to appreciate it. Acres of food! A bakery too... perhaps three or four, come to think of it. Where are the donuts?
The donuts! I knew they would be here, but I didn't think they would have my name on them! Thanks Vancouver, for preparing all these donuts for me..

Lee Carroll