KRYON 2000 - Passing The Marker
(Understanding the new Millennium energy)

ISBN 1-888053-11-9  
2000 - The Kryon Writings, Inc.
Author - Lee Carroll 
$14 USA 

This is the Kryon millennium book. Sequential channellings from all over the world lead you right into, and past the millennium shift energy. What's happening to DNA? What does Kryon mean by "The Third Language?" What about Kryon's science predictions and potentials? What can we expect next? What is the time line? What, exactly did we just accomplish?

This 424 page book is packed with live channellings and some special features: An update on the Indigo Children, by Jan Tober; A chapter on what's happening regarding the indigenous "Council of Elders" recommended by Kryon at the United Nations (yes, it's happening!), and also (finally) a full alphabetized index of all 8 kryon books in one place!


"Read about new gifts and tools, new energies and potentials for the Earth - even new dimensionality!
What are the latest scientific advances that fit right into what Kryon told us could happen 11 years ago?
...also a full alphabetized master index of all eight of the former Kryon books.
Profound messages are given, some of which are very startling."



From the Writer (Preface)
  Hard Concepts (Chapter One)
  The "Reality Train" - What just happened?

Time and Reality - Part One (Chapter Two)
  Channelled in Indianapolis, Indiana - Acukland, New Zealand

Time and Reality - Part Two (Chapter Three)
  Channelled in Nancy, France - Santa Fe, New Mexico - Melbourne, Australia

Packing for the New Millennium (Chapter Four)
  Channelled in Portland, Oregon

Five Spiritual Millennium Energy Changes (Chapter Five)
  Channelled in Cleveland, Ohio and Singapore

Passing the Marker (Chapter Six)
  Channelled in New Hampshire

The End of the Old... The Setup Revealed (Chapter Seven)
  Channelled in Buena Park, California

Crossing the Bridge of Swords (Chapter Eight)
  Channelled in Orlando, Florida

The Third Language, and New Awareness (Chapter Nine)
  Channelled in Reno, Nevada

No More Fence Sitting (Chapter Ten)
  Channelled in Kansas City, Missouri

The Journey Home, Revisited (Chapter Eleven)
  Channelled in San Francisco, California

The Interdimensional Human (Chapter Twelve)
  Channelled in Clearwater, Florida

Jan Tober (Chapter Thirteen)
  From the writer
  The Death Phantom
  The New Kids Have Arrived! (Interview by Rick Martin)

The Search for Indigenous Wisdom (Chapter Fourteen)
  From Marc Vallée - Convergence Foundation
  From Woody and Catie Vaspra - The World Council of Elders

Science Update (Chapter Fifteen)
  The Search for Magnetic DNA
  Validations of the Cosmic Lattice
  Beginning validations of our anthropological set-up
  Totally weird stuff turned scientific in 2000

The Kryon Master Index (all eight books)

Index for this book only

Preface for Book Eight
(by Lee Carroll)

From the writer . . .

Welcome to Kryon Book Eight! Like so many other books being released at this time, this work is dedicated to the new millennium. The title, Passing the Marker, is Kryon’s description of our movement into this new energy of 2000, and has been a subject discussed by Kryon for almost 11 years now. If you pick this book up after the year 2000, you can be sure that it will still be relevant to the events that are ongoing.

From the inception of the writing of Kryon Book One, The End Times, in 1989, the subject of Kryon’s teaching has all pointed to what is happening right now, and also for the next 12 years (up to the year 2012). Whereas I normally do not release a Kryon book each year, the information coming in is profoundly different, and it almost demands to be published at this time.

There is a lot of joy in this book! If you are new to channelling or Kryon, you might find this information a whole lot less spooky than you thought. Channelling is starting to feel far more Human, as we begin to meld into what Kryon calls “our higher selves,” or “the divinity within.” I guess that means that as we draw closer to the God-Self, we start to really feel the information from the other side. It becomes closer to us–more familiar, and is much more like a phone call than a supernatural visit from beyond.

The joy, honor, and congratulations you might feel emanating from this book is due to the fact that we have now passed into an energy that was Kryon’s main message back in 1989. Eleven years ago, he told us that the doom-and-gloom prophecies did not need to come to pass. He told us that we were sitting on the edge of Human evolution, and that we could potentially see it in everyday life–in the news, in the weather, and in ourselves.

Here is a magazine article I wrote in 1999 called “Did You Notice?” It tells a story with an important message.

Did You Notice?

    I can remember with great vividness the feeling of beginning my lecture in 1995. Those who had gathered at the United Nations committee room 7 were there to hear a message, but the one I was about to give probably wasn't what they had anticipated. How would they take my message of new hope at this prestigious, but troubled, organization, constantly in turmoil and unresolved conflict? For that matter, what was a California metaphysical channel doing talking to diplomats about the state of the world?

    I began my lecture by telling them: “In the Middle East, where the prophecies had told us that the sands would be running red with blood right now, instead there are two former enemies making water rights together!” I continued by telling them that the “doom-and-gloomers” may have the popular airwaves and movies of the week, but the overview of the reality of the state of the world was far more hopeful and moving in a new direction. It is far more dramatic and commercial to frighten than to soothe, and the marketers were giving us just what they knew would frighten us.

    Whereas just ten years ago the shouts in the Middle East were “revenge” and “deserved lands,” today they are deciding what lands to give away, which areas to retreat from, and are saying, “How can we make this work?” Did you notice?

    Whereas just ten years ago we had a Cold War that constantly kept us wondering if our kids would make it at all, today we are sending 1.5 billion tons of wheat to a troubled Russia–the place where the “evil empire,” the former enemy, used to be. Did you notice?

    Whereas just ten years ago there was a raging 30-year Guatemalan civil war, one that had already claimed the lives of over 50,000 citizens, family members each one, today there is peace. They called off their war in 1997. Did you notice?

    Whereas just ten years ago there was no glimmer of anything but hatred and killing between two Christian religions in Ireland, today both sides are still trying to claim that peace is better than war, and are working to change the paradigm of how to handle their differences. Did you notice?

    Ten years ago we had vast armies and even vaster weapons depots. Today we have less then a third of the armies and are wondering how to disassemble a stockpile of weaponry that is rusty and unusable. The subject of funding has changed from “how to afford to build bigger ones,” to “how to destroy the old ones.” Did you notice?

    Whereas just ten years ago we were reeling in the horrible predictions of the upcoming millennium prophecies that were being given by old prophets and new, today we stand with none of them having come to pass in the time frame we were told they would. Did you notice?

    Something is happening. The conscious of humanity is beginning to change–slowly, but certainly. The proof is in, if you choose to look around. The subject is peace, not “who is right or wrong.” Communism has almost disappeared by mutual demand of the people, and now most of the world's turmoil is tribal. Most of the strife is over how to bring many opposing sides back to the peace table. Did you notice?

    By invitation, I have returned two more times to the United Nations, the latest being at the end of 1998. Now they expect to hear the “Good News,” and I often have a room filled with smiling faces. They have seen the overview, too. In the building in New York where there never seems to be agreement or resolution, they are seeing a consciousness shift. Humans on Earth are beginning to hate less and love more. There is more patience. There is more hope. There is more compassion. They are changing their desires and passions from “what can we get,” to “how can we compromise so that everyone wins.”

    Oh, sure, the old guard from the past is still trying to get back to the way it was, with car bombings and desperate , terrorist acts, but the chiefs keep coming back to the table to smoke that pipe again. Oh, sure, the marketers are pumping up the doom programs and movies to make us wonder if we are going to make it, but their story lines are now outdated and trite compared to the real miracles at hand
    Former political prisoners are now heads of countries. Long-term despots and tyrants have been overthrown by their own populations. Our current Pope is preaching forgiveness and is suddenly outspoken in areas that were never seen before in the Catholic church. People of high consciousness are working on a Council of Elders, a wisdom council made of indigenous peoples of the world–one that might even counsel the United Nations! Did you notice?

    I looked up the word millennium in the dictionary. It had two definitions: (1) A span of one thousand years; (2) a hoped-for period of joy, serenity, prosperity, and justice. Did you know that?

    In December 1999, a number of us gathered to watch the world pass into the new millennium. We celebrated the fact that whereas others chose to worry, we chose to be peaceful, trusting in a force far grander than fear. We actively chose to trust in the God within us–that spark of grandness that will always choose love over hate, peace over war, forgiveness over revenge. We trusted in a new kind of Human–one who we are currently seeing all over the world–representing a true evolution of the Human Spirit.

What's in These Pages . . .
Again, most of this book was transcribed from live channellings all over the world. The difference this time is that these channellings are dated for you, and represent a lineage of energy that is sequential. That is, you get to see the channellings as we approach the millennium, pass the marker, and move into the new energy.

Also, as before, I wish to mention Kryon’s style. He often offers a loving congratulatory message in the first ten minutes of every channelling. It's quite powerful. Some of these messages are for new ears each time, but will be redundant if repeated over and over in these pages. As before, I removed some of the similar comments to conserve space. Sometimes spiritual core information is reiterated from city to city. Again, I left in some of that duplication since we need to hear it presented over and over.

Chapter 1 presents an explanation and description of some very confusing and difficult issues, but ones that Kryon deals with throughout this book. The discussion of reality, time, and multidimensional issues are difficult concepts. These concepts are needed, however, before the channellings begin. Don't pass this chapter by. It's a necessary treatise to try and simplify some very basic concepts, but ones that we don't normally get into.

As the new millennium energy works with us, we are going to have to grasp the fact that what we saw as our old and constant reality is now changing to become something else. How does this work? How can time itself be variable? This chapter is my attempt to explain things that are almost inexplicable, but which have attributes we are going to use on a daily basis.

Chapters 2 through 7 present the channellings before the millennium change.

Chapters 8 through 12 present channellings given after the passing of the marker, up through June of 2000.

Chapter 13 contains two Kryon concepts that are expanded on by Jan Tober (co-author of the book The Indigo Children, and a partner in the Kryon work). Many have heard of the Death Phantom (Shadow Termination is what Kryon called it), and Jan explains it from first-hand experience. Following that is a great interview by Rick Martin of The Spectrum, a Las Vegas newspaper, in which Jan presents additional information about the Indigo Children, one of our most popular subjects.

Chapter 14 features writings from three individuals who are doing a profound follow-up on information that Kryon channelled at the United Nations in 1998: Marc Vallée, and Woody and Catie Vaspra. Kryon spoke about the creation of a council of elders on the planet–an indigenous group of tribal leaders who might supply the rest of the world with wisdom about our times–information we need right now.

Sometimes people wonder if good ideas ever get manifested. Well, here you will read about people who are actually putting into motion what Kryon suggested. It's quite startling to think that many of the indigenous chiefs of the world are actually waiting for us to contact them! Why? Because their prophecies said we would!

Chapter 15 is a brief update on some of the scientific issues that Kryon may have spoken of in previous Kryon books as well as this one. These are usually concepts that have been validated since the last Kryon publication. It's always fun to watch mainstream science verify some heretofore spooky channelled stuff! It's also a discussion of my personal search for validation of magnetic DNA!

Chapter 16 is a compilation of some of the Kryon news, ways to get on-line with us, and a section featuring Kryon products and how to obtain them.

Following that is something I've wanted to give the Kryon readership for some time–a complete master index of the entire set of Kryon books! This book is included in it, also. For those who have all the Kryon books, finally you have a master index that bridges the gap between all of them. This will make it much easier to look up subjects spanning the Kryon series, one through eight.

Finally, I give you the Index for this book alone.

As I write this Preface, Jan Tober and I have just returned from a tour of French Canada and Europe (May 2000) with Robert Coxon (Canada's best-selling New Age recording artist); and Gregg Braden (geologist, lecturer, and author). Within a ten-day period, we collectively made presentations in front of more than 5,300 people (in Montreal, Canada; Brussels, Belgium; and Paris, France). The meetings were amazing in their energy, and we were all overwhelmed by the love we received.

For years I have wondered who else might possess the message of Kryon–one that said we had the ability to change our future through Human consciousness and compassion–one that said that the real power of the divine is within us. Now I have received a gift: Gregg Braden's research and profound information shows that the divine message I have been receiving for the past 11 years is also present within ancient lost texts of recently discovered scriptures!

The Isaiah Effect (decoding the lost science of prayer and prophecy), by Gregg Braden, is one of the best spiritual books released in the year 2000. Within these pages there is evidence that information offered by Kryon, which has allowed us to change our reality, was also presented to us long ago in the scriptures of the prophets. Within Gregg's book, you will find compelling proof that the compassion of a Human Being can change the reality of Earth–and that this has been a sacred, lost message!

As Gregg, Jan, and I presented together, we were aware that from completely different perspectives, we were giving the same exact message. Gregg, the geologist and computer systems designer; and Jan and myself, spiritualists and channellers, were all offering a profound truth–that you are powerful, and that much has been hidden in that respect. We are here to find the love and compassion that resides within the divine spark of humanism–something that has been hidden well as part of our test.

Dear reader, I am filled with joy to be able to again give you what has become my contract on Earth–to try to pass the loving information and compassion from a wonderful angel named Kryon . . . to your eyes and hearts.

—Lee Carroll

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