Kryon Channelings


Live Kryon Channelling
Washington DC, April 10, 2005

As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

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This live channelling was Given in Washington DC
April 10, 2005

[This channelling has been added-to and enhanced by Kryon, through Lee Carroll in a rechannelling process over the actual transcribed channelling. This has been done in order to make it more valuable for the written word and to bring clarity to concepts that were given energetically within the live channellings.]

Current Events

(Lee's note: Normally we don't publish information on current events since it tends to "date" the channellings and isn't very interesting or useful by the time it get edited and published (often a 60-day process). In this case, however, a very profound channelling was given in Washington, D.C., with respect to recent events, but containing deeper messages that will always be "current.")

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of magnetic service. There's a grand entourage that pours into this room, which meets your entourage - the one you don't think you have.

The process of channelling speaks of the love of God, who cares about humanity. Humanity is a piece and a part of the consciousness of God. There is God in you, and you are known, dear one, by God. Your real names are known, and I know them all. Remember: I was with you, as it was my job to be, when you leaned into the "wind of birth"... before you came and before you agreed to do what you're doing now.

The first thing you might decide to heal is drama in your life. You know what I'm talking about, don't you? Do you think it's a mystery who's here with us or reading? Maybe you had to hear today in order to know that we know who you are. Do you go to sleep peacefully, awakening not with the realization that you're back in the struggle, but with a fresh breath, a release that says, "Oh, I love this planet - I'm happy to be here, happy to be the age I am, working where I'm working and doing what I'm doing"?

The more peaceful you become, the more years will be added to your life. This balances your immune system. Did you know that? You don't have to concentrate on the T cells. Instead, concentrate on getting the drama out of your life, on claiming that which is yours - mastery over your own countenance! The T cells will take care of themselves in reflection of your peace of mind. It goes together.

Human Beings love to compartmentalize everything. You've designed a dimensionality that's so restricted; it affects all the thoughts around you. You have some very, very difficult decisions to make as you build this new track [speaking of the new "track" of reality that the Human train is on], and the decisions, if they're to be solid, must be "out of the box" that you like to think within. You must tear down the walls of the paradigm that you grew up in... an older energy, which will no longer give you good answers.

Humans ask ethical questions and they expect a yes or no answer, as if it was that simple, or generic to all humanity. They ask profound questions regarding your current events and they want black or white answers, as though things were that simple. They don't see the big picture. They only see a small spot, but they want decisions around the spot - never understanding that there's so much more around them that's so grand!

Some are already asking, "What are you talking about, Kryon?" Today I'm going to give you a lineage of your current events. Now, we haven't done this before where we actually time stamp the events within your linearity, but we're going to do it today. It's due to what has just happened on this planet in several areas and what's continuing to happen in this new energy.

Recently, humanity has had some questions put before it, which need to be discussed. Some of them are difficult, and some are interesting. Some of them you're not going to understand and some of the discussion you're not going to like. I can tell you that because my partner doesn't. He's just like you.

The Ethics of Life

You, as a Human Being, are designed to appreciate and love life. But you put it in a box. You think you live once. You say, life is precious; make it count; keep it going at all costs; make it work. And the underlying thought is that because you only go around one time, all the purpose is wrapped up in one lifetime. Well, I'm going to give you something to think about, something that happened just recently that tens of millions of people all over earth who have the western news media know of.

It was all about one woman's life, and you know who I'm talking about. I'm talking about Terri [Terri Schiavo]. And I'm going to talk about Terri because, you know, she's here [speaking of the real Terri]! And I'm going to give you a perspective about Terri that perhaps you hadn't thought about before, and as I do it, she's going to watch.

It's very metaphysical, you know? This perspective is one from my side of the veil. Terri leaned into the wind of birth many years ago, just as you did. I was there, too. There were potentials laying in front of her - a track that she could take if she wished. There was no predestination, only predispositions of energy that laid before her: the parents she would have (which she had selected), the man she might meet or marry, the accident waiting to happen. All of these things were in her "potential track," and she could have chosen not to go there.

But like so many of you, she looked at it and examined it. These were the times we spoke to her and said, "Dear one, you're going into another Human lifetime that has a potential that's awesome - grander than most Humans on the planet will ever experience. You'll get to present something to tens of millions of people. You'll make them think about life. You'll change the legal system of your country. You'll awaken peoples' awareness to situations that need to be addressed with respect to morality, integrity, and even intuition. Will you do it?"

And I remember what she said. The grand angel who stood before me, who you now call Terri, smiled broadly and said, "I'm ready for that." And some of you cry in your sorrow and say "Why is this Human dead? How could such a thing be tolerated? Why would such a thing happen? Life is so precious." And I ask you this, as Terri looks on in her joy, would you take this away from her? Would you take that away from humanity, what she showed and did that resulted directly in her passing?

Start thinking of these things, perhaps differently. We've told you before that there are even those Human Beings who come in with a predisposition of suicide! What a horrible thought, you might say. "Kryon, could that even be appropriate?" And we say this: More than appropriate, it's by design! "But why should that be?" You might say. "What a horrible dishonorable death." And if that's your reaction, you're placing the whole grand picture in your own little Human box.

When you start examining it spiritually, without Human bias, you start to see that around a suicide there's this energy that develops. It's all about the family. Is there shame? Is there drama? Does it kick the family in the pants so that perhaps they might study things they never did - or perhaps they might they even look within themselves for spirituality? Blessed is the one that comes in with these tasks [like suicide]. There are so many of them who do. For these are the grease of personal change within families, and provide a gift that is grand!

You see, Spirit looks at these things differently. The curtain goes up, it goes down. You come and you go and there are profound lessons, some of which are taught harshly, by those who teach them through their own deaths.

"Well, what is it Kryon? Don't dodge the question with a diversion to suicide, for this isn't what Terri did. Is it proper or is it improper to have somebody in this vegetative state put to death by others around her?" Our answer: Exactly which Human are you talking about? You want a blanket answer, don't you? For six and half billion souls and paths, you want one answer for all. Well, you won't get one. For Terri, the answer is a solid yes. It was as it should have been. She came in with this grand opportunity to change the world, and she did it while everyone watched.

There is appropriateness in all things and sometimes you create for yourselves what seems to be inappropriate. Yet later you understand what the gift was within the challenge. Celebrate Terri, and don't think of this as a shameful thing that Humans did to her. Think of it instead as a book that was written for you to look at, one which pushes you to a place to ask, "What should we do about this now, personally? What should our legislatures do about this, if anything? How can we approach these things more humanely and with more honor? Is our culture addressing this issue? Are we addressing this issue personally?" Let's put these questions where they belong. It's not about "right to life"; it's about the appropriateness of "this life." Each case is individual, and some are profoundly given for the planet and for those around the individual.

Oh, as all of you came into this planet and leaned into the wind of birth separately, each was unique. Each of you has a different story, a different goal, but all have the same purpose: the elevation of the vibration of the planet. Sometimes it happens to many of you at the same time. We'll get to that before we finish.

Animals and Reincarnation

On a lighter note, we interrupt the life and death discussion of Humans to talk about animals. There are the questions not asked, but laying there, of which you are more than curious. "Dear Kryon," it has been asked, "do animals reincarnate?"...

Again, the Human Being looks at animals as one word that covers trillions of entities on the planet. You believe that all of them either do or don't reincarnate, and you want one answer for them all. What if I was from another planet and communicated to you this question: "What color are animals? I want one answer, please." You'd laugh, and wonder what kind of singular consciousness I might have in my reality to ask such a thing.

So I say to you regarding your reincarnation question: Which ones? "You mean there's a difference, Kryon?" Oh, yes! We've already gone over the purpose of animals on the planet. We've told you many things about animals. We've told you that some of them are actually designed to be eaten, and they come for this very purpose. We've indicated to you what's wrong with the way you're treating them, and that you don't honor them in their death, or even as you extract their resources while they're alive. And that, my dear friends, is the reason there's disease in the meat. When you start honoring these animals in their death so that they can create the food that's needed for you, then you'll see the disease disappear.

This is a factor that has yet to be named in your language or your culture - the idea that there's an energy that the Human creates even in the appropriate slaughter of animals for food, the results of which change these animals and the health of the Human who consumes them. Why is it that the indigenous knew about it and you don't? It's an energy that addresses the consciousness of Gaia and the animal kingdom. It addresses the way animals are honored in death.

Animals don't all reincarnate, but some do - if it's appropriate for the Humans around them. Most of the animals on the planet don't reincarnate, but there are a select group and individuals who do, and even a "rule of thumb" that you can apply to those who do and those who don't. When I tell you about the ones who do, you're going to understand a little bit more about the process of who you are. Blessed is the Human Being who walks this planet in lesson: Everything revolves around you! It may not look like it, but it does. Gaia knows who you are when you walk on the dirt! You have a light that you can strike [create] and carry with you that will change the very elements around you. Matter will respond to what you do because you are the angels disguised as Human Beings.

Some of you have selected various animals on earth to be your partners or friends, and you call them pets. Even some of the ones to be slaughtered, if they have a Human who loves them, are pets... if only for a while. These are the ones who reincarnate.

"Why should such a thing be, Kryon? How does that work? Do they have souls? What's the ‘rule' you speak of?" In a way, they do have souls, but not as your souls are structured - not with the lessons your souls carry, or the multiple aspects you have. They're not angels, but they're support entities to those who are [Humans]. When they reincarnate the reason is in honor of the Human Being, you see? Animals, in general, don't last that long on the planet. You might have this beautiful partner, this love essence that you have with an animal pet-friend. Then that animal-friend disappears in death, for again, they don't live that long. The rule of incarnations is, therefore, "If the Human needs it, it happens." So there is a scenario created within the system that helps Humans temper the loss of this love, and we'll give it to you.

When your precious animal-friend dies, go look for another one right away. Don't wait. Don't wait! I'll tell you why. Immediately go looking in places where animal babies are. Make no presuppositions about the kind of animal or the gender. Don't necessarily try to match the one you lost. Instead, go to the places where you intuitively believe the young animals are, and look into their eyes. One of them will be the one... because it - and the Universe - knows intuitively where you're going to look!

This is the system that honors you. Many know this and have said, "I know this is so because when I found this other animal to be my partner and my pet, it started doing the same things that my former animal did - it even responded the same way to me." It's a beautiful system in honor of you. It's an acknowledgment of a broken heart, you see? So you can pick up where you left off.

Some may now ask, "What size animal are we talking about, Kryon? Is there a limit?" We say, there you go again [Kryon smile]. What size do you want? An elephant or a mouse? It doesn't make a difference. If they're loved by you and part of your karmic energy, they'll reincarnate. However, it might be prudent of you to intuitively look for the size of animal that meets your living needs. God doesn't give you an elephant when your mouse dies [laughter].

The Last and Next Pope

[Note that this was channelled right after the death of John Paul II, and before the conclave of Catholic Cardinals had selected the next pope.]

"Kryon, we just lost what appears to be a great religious leader, Pope John Paul II. What are the ramifications of this?" My partner eluded earlier to the man called Karol who became the pope [spoken of earlier within the seminar]. He discussed what his goals were and what he did on this planet that really had nothing to do with his religion. Oh, perhaps the hat he wore did, and the places he walked did, and the ceremony around him did. But this was only given to facilitate what he could do.

But you see, like you, we knew Karol. He leaned into the wind of birth, too - just as you did. He was no different. And Spirit said to him, "You're going to have a chance to change the earth because the energy of this planet has the potential of being very different. There are potentials when you get to be a certain age where there'll be something called the Harmonic Convergence on the planet, and things will begin to change. You can fit into this as a world leader. Are you ready for that?" And he said yes.

No angel asked Karol if he wanted to be a Catholic, as he leaned into the wind of birth. That was simply the vehicle that got him into the position where he could change the planet the way he did. You couldn't have had the absence of the Armageddon that you've experienced without Karol. Did you know that [speaking of his direct involvement in the influence of the fall of communism]? So his belief system not only served him well, but it propelled him to a special place that was his alone to be in, and one that allowed him to touch billions all at once. And so it was that this great religious leader, who also knew intuitively what he was doing, had a love of humanity. His favorite thing was to be among common people - and he was, every time he could be. When he got to the position where he could make a difference, he did.

Now, there's something you don't know about Karol. The last decade of his life, he was very frustrated. Go look at the pictures. Go look at the pictures of the first 16 years. Then look at those from the last ten. The last ten, he was suffering - not just with his health - he was anguishing over a situation that none of you truly know about. For in his last ten years this man wanted to make some more changes while the time was ripe, but he knew he was too old.

Karol didn't have the energy to make the changes he really wanted to make, and those around him fought him to keep things the way they were. It was all very political, and someday this information may come out into the open, and you'll hear about those who influenced him in the last ten years and helped to keep things on an even keel. He was too old to make a difference and he knew it.

Karol was not of a consciousness to make some of the changes that many cried out for - about poverty and the role of women in his organization (that will come later). But Karol cried out in his heart for the children that were abused by the priests, and he wanted to do something about this and make a difference. He believed that his Savior wanted him to make a difference, but he couldn't do it. So what might look to you like inaction was instead the pope suffering, for he was not allowed to do what he wanted - due to his lack of energy and those around him who made certain he didn't.

"Kryon, here we sit with conclave of cardinals about to meet and select a new pope. What's the potential based upon the energy right now of the selection? What's going to happen?" I'll give you two potentials of what might take place in the next few days, because your future is always about free choice. There is no entity who can tell you about the future, since it's totally in the hands of the free-choice of humanity. However, based on the energy of the moment, here's what we see: (1) You're either going to have an interim, temporary pope for only a short amount of time (relative to the last one), who will lead to a radical pope; or (2) You're going to go right to the radical pope. Either way, you're going to eventually end up with a man who's going to do things to shake up the establishment.

Let me give you some of the potentials of what the radical pope may be involved in: This religion he leads on earth has doctrines that no longer "square up" with what humanity is seeing around itself. He absolutely has to address this issue, for the sophisticated Humans will leave the church otherwise. There will be those who may even call him "the evil pope" because he's going to go against tradition when he slowly starts a process that honors the Virgin Mary more than any pope ever has - therefore honoring women within the church, elevating them to higher positions... even to priests.

He will speak about family planning, and start processes that will slowly justify it in the eyes of God [this will take awhile], but it must come from the man who "sits in the chair" [ex cathedra] to change the doctrine of the whole organization. Because of this, he will also be in danger and will have to have constant protection.

Then he'll talk about what to do with priests who abuse children. Watch for this. Even if you receive the interim pope, he'll set the stage for the radical pope in this area. For this is in the energy aura of what we would call the potential future around this grand event. The earth is filled with free choice and it can go any direction, but I've just given you the potentials of what is here and now.

Death Isn't a Mystery Element to God

"Speaking of such things, Kryon, talk to us yet again about death. There are some who say that death is not what you said. They say you go to a place and sometimes you're stuck; some have called it purgatory. There are numbers of names in history given to the energy of a scenario where you go to a place and you either must work your way out of it or you're stuck there and you have to be ‘prayed out of it' by others. Which is the truth?"

We will tell you what we have told you before, and there is no time we've ever changed this information. It has always been the same, for it honors the Human and the divinity within you.

Dear Human Being, when you pass to the other side of the veil, your grandness is seen, known, and accepted. There is nothing out of control. In fact, you are expected! We have told you about the Cave of Creation and the three-day journey. We've told you about the Hall of Honor and the grandness that's there when you're met by the family. You regain your entire knowledge of your entity and of the Universe, and you choose what to do next. There is no danger lurking in the transition, where you might be "stuck" somewhere and in trouble spiritually.

Now let me complicate it with new information: There are, and always have been, other journeys that you might take besides reincarnating, and many Humans choose this. They become part of the energy of the planet for a number of years in order to help certain situations. Some stop incarnating as Human for a while and become guides, but they're not guides with Humans. Instead, they're actually a part of the energy of Gaia.

Some go into the mountains - actual Human reincarnated energy on the planet but not in Human form. And when that's done, they'll come back very much like they came back before, then reincarnate as a Human Being again.

We haven't discussed this before, because again, Humans, want a black-and-white scenario of what happens. They don't want to know about the energy part because many Humans will worry and say, "Which one will I be?" - as if you have the mind of God and could decide now... and you can't. It's all part of a grand plan. It's beautiful and part of a system that honors the "now" of what is next at the moment.

Let me give you a hint about something: Are you one who loves the earth so much that you want to get down and roll on it? Do you hug trees? Are you one of those who the ground speaks to? Oh, there are many of you like this! I want to tell you that the last time around there is the potential that you were part of the dirt! Perhaps it didn't last long, but just long enough to put your energy in there so that when Humans walk on the dirt they will feel your consciousness, love, and feel Gaia's energy.

Oh, this is complicated, but it's true. No one is ever "stuck." And if you hear that, it doesn't honor the grandness of the angel called the Human Being, or the system you've set up to help the planet. You have full choice when you're not here. The Human-earth scenario is the only place where you receive a hidden persona, where you don't know who you are and have to seemingly walk in the dark. When you're not here, you're a part of the whole of God. Death is a known transition, and not filled with uncertainty, error, mistakes, or mystery. It's simply the closing of one door and the opening of another.

The War in Iraq

The next subject is filled with the potential for misunderstanding. Here we sit in the place you call Washington, D.C. And here we sit talking about Iraq. "Kryon, did this war in Iraq have to happen the way it did?"

Well, which reality are you talking about? Let me again give you the information that I gave not too long ago at your United Nations venue: Your event called 9-11 was not an accident. It set in motion something that only could be set in motion by the most powerful independent nation on the planet... one that doesn't have to answer to any other nation, or feels it's part of a consortium of support nations. That was the setup... no error in this. That's why it happened here [speaking of the U.S. and also speaking of the Pentagon].

The setup was to start a situation where the U.S. indeed would change the Middle East. For part of the new arrangement of the planet, including the energy delivered both at the Harmonic Concordance and the Venus Transit, demanded a new energy be started in stubborn places. Those places in the Middle East that had been the same for a thousand years needed some kind of an energy stick inserted and stirred vigorously. There was no other way, and you were the ones to do it.

So the question instead might be, "Kryon, did it have to happen the way it did... the way we have done it?" And the answer is no, it didn't.

You're a very young country of free choice and you're all a race of free choice humanity. I'll tell you this: When you look backwards right now and see what the consciousness change did to the fall of the Soviet Union without firing a shot, you can see that there's always a better way. But you didn't do it that way and you'll be stuck, indeed, with the consequences of your actions for a while. There's no judgment here, but rather simple energy economics, because this is the way it works. Your method has delayed the outcome and the purpose, and has forced issues that were not quite ready and also created drama that will be with you for many decades.

You may not like what's taking place and the way it's taking place, but I'll tell you that historians will look back on it and say that the overview of the purpose was correct. The result of it will indeed stir a situation that needed stirring. For in the future they'll say that it started a ball rolling that you'll eventually call The New Jerusalem. You are part of that, United States.

"Well, what can we do, Kryon? Now that it's happened in a way that creates challenge... what can we do?" I'll tell you what you can do: You can shine a light to those who are making the decisions within your government and let them see the things that are unseen and hiding... beautiful things... by turning on the light in dark places. Not in anger or in judgment, but in love. For these are your leaders, and they represent the best you have at the moment. Anger and frustration will only plant seeds of darkness for them and make things stop altogether.

If you can send light and balance to them, they can pick up the knowledge and the wisdom that's needed, and which hides in their own offices. It always did! Had you waited long enough, even the United Nations would have changed, you know? You were quick to call it names and render it useless. It was in transition, too, but you threw it away instead of being part of the transformation it needed. Watch it, for it's going to go through upheavals as well. When these shifts are in process, the U.N. will be stronger and you won't have as much trouble coordinating with it. Had you waited, you'd have seen this and you'd have created an energy of unity that would have served the same purpose as your war - without the suffering.

And so it is that we talk frankly about these things. And so it is we say that this is the route and the track that you've chosen in your own way to manifest The New Jerusalem. As you lay this track, the advice from Spirit is to be a little more patient. Your exuberance is part of your freedom and your American spirit, and this is understandable. But now you see that in dealing with the others, you'd be well advised to see how Gaia itself works... with patience and wisdom and time... just as with what happened to the Berlin Wall.

Good meals are cooked for a long time, then consumed all at once. When the Berlin Wall fell down in 1989, it happened seemingly overnight. But the energy of this profound change on earth had been created slowly and deliberately by Human consciousness for a much longer time. Use this great event as a model for the kinds of miracles you need now in Iran, Korea, and the larger problems that lay in and around Israel. There are tens of thousands of Humans represented in these places who desire exactly what you do - peace for themselves and their families within their own cultures, with freedom to worship as they please and to honor themselves and their divinity their own way... without hatred toward the West.

Believe it! There is support from the masses, which isn't reflected in the leadership you see. Let some of these things develop from within, and don't feel you have to force issues that are on the verge of taking care of themselves through the help of the new energy of the planet, with slight pushes and influences by your great American spirit of free choice.

Mass Human Death

The final one, dear Human, is the hardest one for my partner and the one we wish to leave you with in this channeling tonight. This is the one that my partner doesn't want to even have me talk about. It's the appropriateness of mass death. For you, built in to your very essence is the honor for life, and the sorrow when it passes. It's correct and appropriate that this is there, and never let it be tempered. But the wisdom of understanding is also needed to help you get past some challenges of the Human heart.

"Dear Kryon, was the tsunami really necessary?" Yes it was. Almost 200,000 Human Beings passed over. It's an event that for you is filled with horror, sorrow, emotion, and challenge. Back in 1989, we told you of those that might have to leave the earth en masse, and here it is. Yet even my partner [Lee] asks the questions, "Why the children? Why the poorest parts of the earth? Why the seeming inappropriateness of all this death?"

And I say to you the same thing I said with respect to Terri: Do you understand yet that death is often as precious as life on this planet of many energies and lessons? They are not gone! They're all here [speaking from Kryon's perspective]. They're having a great time! They're joyful! It seems like a moment ago they leaned into the wind of birth with us beside them. We said, "How would you like to participate in an event that will change the compassion factor of the planet so that energies can move forward and provide faster acceleration of vibratory shift? How would you like to help create peace on earth through a consciousness shift within Gaia itself? And they said, "Show us the way!"

Do you understand why we are in love with humanity... that you would love the earth and the Universe so much that you would go through these things? So much of what you see is horrible tragedy, yet you're looking at the heroes of humanity as they deliver a gift that will change the very fabric of Gaia through the compassion created as a wave of humanity responds to their plight.

They knew the potentials and they went through with it. Even the children knew, for they're old souls within their divinity. There was so much compassion created at that time, in that one week, the earth has never seen anything like it in your lifetime. Billions of Humans were involved with a compassion that instantly went to the core of the planet. It went into the earth and it's still there. It changed the actual energy of where you walk and it planted a seeds that will grow that will indeed emerge later in Israel, and those surrounding Israel.

And that's what it's about. Yet some of you didn't want to hear that, did you? But they're here, with me now... and with you as well. How could you fit them all in this room, you might ask? They can fit on the head of a pin! That's interdimensional talk. They can go home in your purse or your pocket! That's interdimensional talk, too. And they've got a message for you that we've given before, but you can't hear it enough: "We did our part - now you do yours, Lighthouse! For the ones who remain are the only ones who can manipulate the tools we have helped create."

When you go home tonight, you're not going to be in a survival situation - in a tent in a tribe with no lights or clean water, with no food. You're not going to be in sorrow or despair. Instead, you go home to a warm place with plenty of food and friendship and the love of family. That's why you're the Lighthouses, because you have time for it. You've got the intellect for it. You're not in survival mode, as is so much of humanity on the earth. You have the education for it and the intuition for it. Now, do you understand why there are so many Lighthworkers in the western world? It's because your culture has created a situation where there's abundance of these things, and it allows you to lead the way in changing the energy of earth, instead of having all your time spent just trying to survive. Does this help you understand the responsibility of what you have before you?

Strike the light and send it to the Sudanese. Strike light and send it to those dark places with governments where there's corruption. Strike the light and send it to the scientists and researchers who already have the cures for the more virulent diseases on the planet, but can't begin their work due to the barriers of certain leadership and their old ways. Strike the light and send it to Israel and Palestine and get on with this solution! This is why you're here, and this is the agreement you made when you arrived and selected the culture you live in.

Achievable in your lifetime, it is. Peace and compassion will prevail. You shall see. You shall see.

And so it is.