Kryon Channelings


Live Kryon Channelling - Breckenridge, Colorado - July 14, 2001
Kryon Annual Summer Light Conference
As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

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Lee Carroll
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Greetings, dear ones, I AM Kryon of magnetic service!

It is a sweet channel this evening, in a sweet place. Sweet energy enters this room slowly, quietly, for there is no time here. Three days ago in your 4D time, this space was prepared for the angels who sit in the chairs. Entourages of interdimensional beings whom you cannot even fathom, but whom you call brother or sister, arrived to set the place. As many of you came up this mountaintop and arrived at this place, and as you walked into this space, some of you began to feel the spiritual warmth, like a blanket, beginning to surround you with friends and family, carefully constructed with your energy. Your name was upon this place as you gave intent to come. Some of you came regardless of the consequences, not knowing if admittance would occur, yet here you sit. [The conference was sold out some weeks earlier.] We knew you were coming. Remember: Intent is not asking; intent is claiming - claiming your power! And so it is that you have created a space where we are all together, all one, to speak of things in the now - to speak of things of the future, and to speak of things of the heart.

Dear family member, it is no accident that you hear this. There is a contingent of the family at this moment that is with you reading these words on a page, which is in my now. We see the transcription - we see the recordings - we see the playbacks of the reading, all happening "at once." Therefore, this is a message not only for the hearer, but for the reader. No matter what technology is used to reproduce what is being given now, it is all happening at once. That is to say that there is a thread of love between those that sit in the chairs and those who are reading this. And so the family is much larger than even those in this room know of. It goes far beyond just a mountaintop experience. Oh, it is true that on this day, information will be given, but more than that, there are personal messages for each of you - waiting for you to get into that state of belief.

There are those who would say that this is not possible - that Spirit does not speak through Human Beings like this. But there is part of you that knows better, and perhaps that is why you are sitting in the chair listening and reading. We know each one by name, a name not of this earth, but rather a name that is eternal - a name that is my sister and my brother - a name that you sing to me "in light" every time that I see you when you move through the "hall of honor." Every time you choose to come back to this earth, we greet one another and we exchange our real names, and mine is not Kryon. But it is for your reality, and it is for the messages, and it is for the earth for now. Let the proof that this communication is really happening be in the energy that has developed around the chair where you sit, for the room is now prepared and complete…for the listening and for the reading.

Through your intent to come, you have given permission and also an invitation for some to join you - some you might not have expected. Some of them, you know. Some you pretend not to know. Joining you, there are even pieces of yourself who are on the other side of the veil. Perhaps you didn't expect this? What some of you thought were soulmates are really pieces of yourself who you have been waiting for. Let me tell you that The Third Language allows for this. You are never more interdimensional than when you are in this moment, dear ones, and parts of you move through the veil. As you sit in these chairs, you have given permission for much. Before this evening is over and before the celebration is over in this room of listeners and readers, there is a chance for healing - a chance for decisions that have been waiting to be made in this new energy. The entities who surround your chairs are ready to wash your feet, and to press upon you in undeniable ways that will cause you to absolutely know in your physical 4D that someone has reached through the veil to touch you in a certain way that is appropriate, and to reveal that this experience is real!

We speak to one pair of ears and one set of eyes on the reader's page. This is personal, and this is for you. Although we may give global information - and we will - we tell you that even as the information is being delivered, there are personal messages, also. Feet are being washed throughout, and hugs are being delivered.

Where do we begin? We have saved this message carefully for those who would give intent to be here. These are profound angels who sit before us and who read these words. If you were to even begin to try and see who you are, you would have to see who you were. Let me ask you this: With your understanding of the now, how many have realized who you were in the past - the shaman - the monk - the priest - the medicine man? You have to say to yourself, you are still that! You continue to be all that you were. It never leaves you, since it is still happening in the now. All of the energy of those Divine works is still with you; the feelings are still here.

I have to go back a long, long way to remind you of how this worked - the history of your Earth. I arrived when the earth was still molten, and I have been here ever since. To me, it was yesterday, since everything happens at once in my kind of time. There is no waiting, no impatience, only the now. In front of me is also the now of celebration of what Humanity has accomplished as my brothers and sisters have changed the reality - even the dimensionality of Earth - as they walked in duality on this planet. Many of you were with me when the earth was molten, creating the test for the whole universe, in a place Humans would willingly come to almost at the last moment of your linear-time history. It is as if the meal has been cooking for a year, but the Humans were added in the last four seconds... the catalyst for change in the universe... the salt of God to flavor the test of grandness.

The Magnetic Grid and You
The grid system of the earth is specific in its purpose. It is fine-tuned, and it exists for only one reason: Human setup. Although you might think it is a geological attribute of the physics of the planet, it is more than that. It is a DNA delivery engine! That is what the grid system does. It talks to Humanity Human-by-Human, and it is part of who you are personally. It helps to both separate you and also unite you. It gives you setups, challenges, solutions, and love. It is what some of you relate to even when you think about God! Some would say, "Kryon, I don't like that idea of physics entering the realm of spirituality. I don't like the grid of the earth being part spiritual." I will say to you... it is the way of it! For as creators that you are, you have created everything that you have before you, including the test, the duality, the contracts, and the engine that administers them to your cellular structure. You cannot separate Spirit from your reality. You might wish to believe that it is somehow above that which is physical, but the truth is that it is the center of all that is physical. You can't leave God out of anything!

We are going to reveal some of the attributes of what you call your DNA. The magnetic grid of the planet is complicated, but it has remained chiefly as a delivery system to Humanity for many, many years. There has been very little change in terms of what it does, for Humanity never looked "up" to consider that the grid might be a changeable thing. Humanity never gave intent to claim the power of what was at the cellular level, or to consider what might be changeable within their lives. Even the prophets of old gave you information that you could change everything, yet you did not. Only seemingly at the 11th hour of the plan you created did you decide to change your reality, and you did. In order to do that, a grid-changing entourage arrived in 1989, which to me is now. In your time frame, a shift of the magnetic grid began, and now you know why. Your intent to create a new reality of Earth demanded that the "engine" of magnetics be changed to allow you to excel. Let me continue.

In order to accomplish the New Jerusalem - in order for solutions to begin - in order for you to change the very essence of why you are here - in order for longer life - in order for revealed science - in order for Spirit to speak through Human Beings as a normal event of life, all of the communication through the posturing of the magnetics that speaks to your DNA had to be "changed." And so it was that the grid system began to move! You moved it! Those that called themselves Lightworkers felt it, and those who were spiritual felt it. It began gradually to change and then accelerated. The actual changing of the grid was far more than the magnetics that you can measure on a compass. The very spiritual aspects of the ley lines, their shape, their uniformity, their synchronicity with other ley lines, changed to create a new setup, and a new earth potential. Instead of termination, you rode this wave of change, and here you sit one year away from its completion, lightworker! We know that some of you have felt the move of the grid. We know of your anxiousness, but there are things that are beginning to fall into place as the move settles and the new posturing of this magnetic energy comes to a close, where it will begin to affect the planet differently and finally become stable.

Let me tell you about the grid. In 4D [Human dimensionality], you have said that you have two DNA strands [loops or toroids]. That is so. Those who would tell you that you have 12 are giving you a 4D description of a multidimensional puzzle. There are truly only two biological strands. All of the rest, the ten that are not mentioned and not described and not see-able in 4D, are in layers within the two you can see. They are not additional strands or loops or toroids. They lay upon the biological ones, many of them interfacing biologically with the strands that you are able to see. So, there are really two strands with another ten interdimensional aspects upon them. That is how you arrive at the 12. Do you see? Ten you cannot see, and two you can.

Let me tell you about your DNA. It is magnetic, and therefore it responds to the grid! With respect to magnetics, gravity, time, and matter placement: There is a puzzle here that has never been unraveled. It never could be within your old 4D paradigm. Now, suddenly in this new energy, your science begins to understand that there are at least 11 dimensions at the heart of every atom of matter. (We have told you that there are 12.) And suddenly you are beginning to understand that even time is variable. Later, there will also be the acknowledgment that the displacement of matter from one area to another is also part of this equation. There is one specific formula whose attributes are gravity, magnetics, time, and the location of matter. They all come together in a grand dance that will be the "mother lode" of physics when it is discovered and understood. When it is ready, this information will be brought to you, but for now, let me tell you about the "pattern" of how this works for your DNA.

DNA - Astrological Energy
As the solar system moves around, it creates different gravitational attributes and actual patterns between the parts. Each planet around the sun revolves independently on its course, and during each independent minute of time, this gravitational scenario creates a different setup of magnetism and gravity within the influence of your sun. In the time frame that you have selected - which, by the way, has shifted greatly in the last two years - there is a pattern that is delivered to the sun that is at the center of the orbits, and therefore at the fulcrum of the gravitational source. The magnetic/gravitational pattern developed through the movements of the planets (including Earth, and also all the moons of the planets including your own) is delivered to the earth via what you call the solar wind - energy that is always passing from the sun to the earth. The solar wind delivers it onto the grid, for both are magnetic, and information is transferred within the influence of the field of the wind and that of the grid. The grid pattern, therefore, changes daily! It is interesting to note that the magnetic grid of the earth is actually a product of the physics of Earth, but its purpose for you is as a communication engine for Human DNA. Here is another example of how the physical earth is alive with cooperation for Humanity.

One of the attributes of what is imprinted upon your DNA at birth is the oldest science on Earth, and you have called it astrology. We have just given you science that explains astrology. Its science that is not fully understood or known, but it's science. When the "mother lode" physics formula is known regarding magnetics, gravity, time, and the location of matter, it will explain astrology. Meanwhile, you come to the planet, and imprinted upon your DNA - on one of the interdimensional layers - is this astrological information, the pattern of the solar system's magnetics and gravity when you were born. The name for the pattern, which you have given in astrological terms, establishes a setup, a personality type, a type of reaction to Human cause and effect. It is a magnetic/biological setup, as you know, continuing through your life, causing you to react to the solar system that created it, as well as others on the earth in specific, predictable ways.

DNA - Life Lesson

At the same time on another layer of your interdimensional DNA, comes "life lesson," not contracts, nor karma, but life lessons. What is your Achilles’ heel? What do you react to most? What is your purpose? Some of you have come here with profound reactions to authority. Some with a spiritual overlay. Life lesson is not karma. It's the big issue that is often developed from what has happened with your energy before. Some of you have come in with a life lesson that has to do with abundance issues that have been discussed even on this day [within the lecture portion].
Some of you have come in with a life lesson that is only about love. What have you created for yourselves around love: the love for one another, the love of your children, the love for your parents? What have you created for yourselves? What is the life lesson? Who are you (really)? This is all imprinted on your DNA - your choice, your pattern, your permission. Contract is only a beginning setup. There has to be a framework of reality for you to live within - a framework that you can change - a beginning posturing. Here is an unspoken thing we have never said: As you change your reality, all of you change your contract. The most profound part of co-creation, the missing piece that you have never truly understood, is that you do it with you! It is not procedural. It does not require anything more than your claiming the "intent" of the reality that you have - then requiring it to move. It is an opening structure only. Therefore, it is changeable!
Those of you who said, "I signed a contract and I've got to do this and that," misunderstand what this and that is. How many signatures are on a contract? Two! Whom is it with? It's with you! Therefore, when you give intent to change the contract, both signatures change simultaneously. We give you this metaphor so that you might understand the power you have to take the path you think you designed and to move off of it, designing another one. But the beginning contract is given to you through the magnetic grid of this planet. Karma is the other one.

DNA - Karma
We define karma perhaps differently than you do. We call it "unfinished energy." Its finish-able at any time you wish, through a number of methods. When we first arrived here as a collective grid-moving entity-group, we spoke to you about your ability to void this attribute of karma - to finish unfinished energy. This unfinished energy from what you call your past, which we call your now, lays upon many of you even this day right where you are hearing or reading. You've never understood it. Some of you have seen it as a plight. Some of have just agreed it would always be with you, not understanding for a moment that you could void it by simply claiming the fact. But the karma was in the old energy, before the marker was delivered to you in this fashion. Let me give you a secret, to allow some of this to now begin to make sense. Do you know what the difference between the old Human in the old energy and the new Human in the new energy is? It's in the DNA! Let me give you this new piece of information: Pure-bred Indigo children are born without karma! Now, look at the Indigos and what they are trying to do. Look at how they act and react. This information may explain a great deal about what you are seeing in the children... and it's not about unfinished business. It's about new business.
One of the attributes of the Indigos is that they are born with an overview that you did not have, and is still unnamed by you. It's something upon their DNA layers that was never a part of what you had. Call it life lesson if you wish. I'm going to call it earth lesson. The Indigos are here for a purpose - collectively, and they know what it is. It is to begin to create the New Jerusalem [the metaphor Kryon uses for peace on Earth].

In the old energy, there was never an attribute placed within the DNA that was specific to the earth, and now there is. Your indigenous peoples had to learn it, and your modern society threw it away, but the new children come in with it intact: Your karmic lessons, contracts, and karma were all about you and your personal growth. Now, suddenly, the Indigos carry full knowledge about what they can do for the earth, and this will be the passion for many of them.

DNA - The Vows
Those of you who understand the vows know that these promises to God from what you call your past are placed upon you at birth as a continuation of what you started, regarding the energy between you, personally, and God. There is nothing as strong as the energy of a vow - a promise to God; "Dear God, I promise to be poor so I can focus on you." Here you are, fulfilling it!
"God, I promise not to have Human relationships, ever, and instead, concentrate on you. I vow to be celibate."

Then, of course, when you aren't faithful to this vow, you feel guilt. We have spoken so many times about this and have said it is active in some of you - not a passing thing.
This vow energy is delivered to your DNA in an active way. It is not something in a book that lies there ready to be discovered. It is real and active and pokes you every day. It reminds you about the vow you gave. We have said this before: You can neutralize it and change it, dear Human Being! You can move from the old to the new energy. It's not difficult and only requires "intent." Remember, intent is not asking; it is claiming your Divinity. Intent is something you always had and always will. Intent is reaching onto a personal shelf that has always existed and pulling off the things that you need and designed before you got here.

Implant - Self DNA Change
We gave you a concept when the grid entourage arrived in 1989. We said the word implant, and it created a great stir, didn't it? It was meant to, because it's a very powerful spiritual tool... not to be taken lightly. Although you don't hear us talk about it much anymore, the implant was something that was available, and still is. It was the purposeful implantation by a Human of permission to change spiritually - to have revelation and realization. It was never something from God, or any other entity. It was through your own energy, allowing something new to reside inside you that connected you better to your higher self... a tool that always existed in your toolbox. You, working with you.

Now, however, this implant is seen in this new energy not as a process, but as a natural "intuition." You are all having the intuition that you can be something that you were not in the past. What we are saying is this: Whereas it was new information in 1989... revolutionary and filled with controversy in its meaning, now you are not only aware of the concept of changing yourselves, you actively pursue the knowledge of how to do it! My, how things have changed!

We just said, "the implantation of permission to change." Change what? Your DNA! Perhaps now the puzzle is beginning to be clearer? You are able to change the magnetic imprints of all those attributes we have been discussing, in any way you wish to. It's the implantation of permission to change yourselves at the spiritual DNA level... something we have been speaking of for almost 12 years.

The Timeline of the Future - Potentials in numerology
I'm going to reveal a timeline. These are not predictions. Instead, they are energy potentials you should know about. I reveal what is occurring and the potential of what may occur. All of it is in the now. The grid is almost finished. The entire reason for the Kryon grid entourage is almost finished.

The year 2000 was the year of celebration. Although some of you felt it and some things happened in 2000, it was mostly about celebration. There was a great deal of what we would call "place-holding and marking time" in the year 2000. The year 2001, however, is different. 2000 is the year of the "two." 2001 is the year of the "three," and therefore the year 2001 is a catalytic year... about the creation of potential energy.

The definition of catalyst is an element or energy that alone, does nothing. But when combined with another proper element, it creates something different from the two together. If appropriate, the one catalyzes the other, making the two create a third energy... moving from the two to the three. The year of the three is the catalyst year, the Human Being beginning to understand this new creative energy. The catalyst is the energy of the passing of the marker. [The marker is the new millennium.]

The year 2001 truly was the marker, for you had no year zero. Therefore, when we speak of passing the marker in 2000, we saw you celebrate for a year, and then the work began. So, this year what you are experiencing is all about creating new energy. It's about changing your passions, finding solutions to unsolvable issues, the fulfillment of things you've thought about for years.

Listen: The energy that's created in the year 2001 does not automatically go away as 2002 and 2003 come forward. Think about them as layers in the now. Therefore, the catalytic energy may be a seed planted, which you will grasp later. Think about it as another enhancement of the DNA that allows for perceptions to change. How many of you have had the catalyst this year? How many of you sit in an energy of solution? How many of you now sit in an energy of uncertainty? Oh, we know who is here, reading this! We can see your potentials on the shelves where you placed them before you got here. What is it you really want? Almost everything you can visualize as being possible in your reality is actually already there, waiting for you to claim it. Your visions are not in space somewhere, they are in the now... manifested and waiting for you to discover this as you become interdimensional.

The lightworker, the spiritual person, the one who is looking for Source, does not ask for frivolous things, for there is great wisdom in the Human who understands how this works. Blessed is the Human Being who truly understands that intent to move into ascension is searching for the right shelf! Some of you manifested from the appropriate shelf, and here you are living a new reality. Some of you are still searching for it, and we say to you that you are never alone. We are always here with you, helping you through this process of discovering how to move into another kind of reality... one that will allow you to manifest a Divinity that you deserve.

Next is the year 2002. Look at the numerology: It's a "four" year, the year of "earth." It's physical and grounding. What will next year bring? The year 2002 is the one in which the grids are completed, almost finished, being fine-tuned at this time. We brought you this information back in 1989. At some time in the year 2002, we will celebrate the departure of the grid entourage. These brothers and sisters have worked for 12 years to position the grid with a magnetic attribute for the new Human potential on Earth. This group will leave in December 2002! Some of you have felt these shifts profoundly, as the grid has been adjusted, and we are telling you that at the end of 2002, even in the middle of that year, some of you will feel it starting to settle down. You will finally get a grasp on what you've been trying to do for a decade!

Now you know the time frame and why it has been so difficult. Ideas seemed to scramble around, but they never landed. Now, perhaps you know why you didn't get the manifestation or co-creation of things you intuitively felt were yours to manifest. The things you sought for and put on paper - your new spiritual passions - are about to settle down and let you create them.

Some of you have felt stuck for the last years and have asked Spirit for help and explanation. Your petition and voices were heard: "Why can't we make these things move in this new energy?" I'm telling you why: In the energy of now, there is no impatience. Dear Human, enjoy the vacation. [Laughter] For you will be working soon. In 2003, the new energy will begin - the real work of Kryon will begin! In 2003, when the energy is stable, with a stable grid, many things may begin to make sense to you. Although it has the numerology of a year of change, the change is that from being frustrated that things are stuck, to a reality of things moving very fast. These potentials manifest differently for each of you, but the overview of this energy should be known.

And now, let's go forward to 2008, when there is a grand potential! Solutions on many levels, in many places, but especially in this center of the universe, are available at that time. Your time must go by for this to happen - to create the potential we see. The leaders now are not the leaders for the potential to manifest peace. They may be replaced several times. The ones who will eventually take their places, as you march through this decade, the ones with an "Earth passion" in their hands, will have the energy of the Indigos! They will think differently, and the Earth lesson they have will be to create the New Jerusalem! This is only a potential, and as we have said before, it is in your power to advance it or delay it. But in the now, we see it in 2008.

What is the difference between the old and the new energy? It's the ability of Human Beings to look at themselves and peel the onion layers of Humanism - reducing the effect of the duality - reaching through the veil to say; "I am a spiritual/magnetic/biological being; therefore, I can reprogram my own DNA and use the facilities around me - the science - the new biology - the new chemistry - the new spiritual knowledge - the textbooks just now being written on energy, to change myself with my own powerful intent." All of the tools being delivered to you today are appropriate. It is what you do with them that will change the future.

We told you that your very astrological setup was a DNA magnetic overlay. Some have said, "Kryon, I don't wish to change my astrology sign. I like who I am." Let me ask you this: How would you like to not be affected by a retrograde? [Laughter] That gift is yours for the taking. That’s what we are talking about here. It's not about becoming something else; its about clearing the attributes that block you.

Some of you have had a change of life lesson already, and you've even changed your contracts. How do you know this? Let me ask you: What was you passion ten years ago, and what is it now? I'm not speaking of adult maturity, but rather of your spiritual wisdom. What has happened to you through these years that would cause the things you felt passionate about in the past to instead be put on a metaphoric shelf? Now, here you are doing something different. Why? That is the Human Being that has a grasp of who they are - a Human who understood the implantation of magnetic intent to change their contract - to be whatever they wanted - to begin to search the shelf of reality - that interdimensional place in the now where all potentials exist at once.

It's magnetic. It's about reprogramming DNA, and yes, it's confusing, too. Some have said, "Kryon, I want to change my contract and co-create things, but I don't fully understand the now." You can! Even without understanding, your intent is king. You can begin by reprogramming your DNA. You ask, "How do I do that?" All time is in the now. There was no past - no future. Listen to this: Visualize things on your 4D timeline in a pristine fashion that would create a visualization of the reality that you choose. By doing that in the now, you can change your past. This is an interdimensional exercise that many of you will not understand all at once. We are telling you this. With pure intent, the energy of profound visualization is real, for you are feeding yourself with a pure visualization of a timeline that is all happening at the same time. This energy has the ability to void the old vows, clean out the disease, reverse aging, and destroy the old contracts.

"But Kryon, a contract is a commitment! Don't I have to renegotiate something in this metaphor?" Yes! But again we will say, you just did! As we said earlier, it was an agreement between you and you! Pure intent is a coordinated energy between the multiple parts of yourself on both sides of the veil! Understanding of this is the most difficult part of your Human experience. Could you be a piece of God? Could a Human Being really be a part of the whole of the creation of the universe? The answer is yes, yes, yes. That is the entire message of Kryon. It is the core of what we have been telling you for 12 years.

Dear family, we would not tell you these things if they were not so. It is our promise to you! How many of you would like to create love in your relationships? I'm not just speaking about new relationships, but rather about rekindling love with the one you have? This is possible. Not just possible... expect it!

Kryon is looking at you, individual Human Being, as you sit there. There is honor and respect. There is awe. We see a giant - a piece of God - an angel, and a family member. We see the potential of what you can do on Earth, and also the eventual return of your energy to an eternal universe... again with us.


With these energies, it is difficult to move away from this place this evening, but it is appropriate in love that we do so.

And so it is.