Kryon Book Eleven Reference
As of April 2007

Welcome! This page is meant to supplement Kryon Book 11, Lifting the Veil, where orbs are mentioned and Lee's trip to an ancient cave near the observatory at the site of Xochicalco in the State of Morelos (24 miles southwest of Cuernavaca, Mexico). It references page 38 of the English Kryon Book 11.
This is an enlargement of the photo of Lee Carroll presenting at the United Nations (left) in March 31, 2006. Notice the sole orb above and to the right of his head.
Also notice what the sign says that the orb is hovering around! "May Peace Prevail On Earth." Above is an enlarged, enhanced photo of this orb.
Jorge Alberto Báez Guerrero, on the steps of an ancient cave near the observatory at the site of Xochicalco in the State of Morelos, located 38 kilometers (24 mi.) southwest of Cuernavaca, Mexico.

The photo above is when Jorge began his meditation. There are actually some dim orbs that you can barely see. The top right photo is after a few minutes. Have some orbs! As Jorge says, "They are always here." The photo to the right represents the enlargement indicated by the rectangle in the photo above it. The photo below shows a further enlargement indicated by the rectangle in the photo above it.

Notice that there is structure within the orbs. This is common and has been seen before. Many feel this is a direct photo of interdimensional energy of some kind. Others feel it represents anomalies in the photo process or dust in the room. The experiment was done in total darkness, so stray light is not present. Also, the orbs are never the same in any photo, tending to eliminate the idea that lens aberrations are the culprit or digital pixels were being seen (orbs would be identical and more structured in size and symmetry if it were a physical manufacturing attribute).

Many skeptics feel that orbs are just dust, but if it were dust, then why would there be more dust over time when we are all very still and just meditating? We were able to increase and decrease the number of orbs through our thought energy of meditation. Also... why did the better cameras not pick this up, and only the smaller pocket cameras could "see" them?
Dr. Luis and Lee meditating. Multiple photos with multiple cameras showed the orbs increasing over time. Photos after we left the steps showed the orbs decrease. Leaving the steps would have stirred up dust in this very dusty place. However that's not what the photos indicate happened, if orbs were only photos of dust particles.
This web page will not explain what they are. It simply offers some ideas and shows the results of this particular experiment. See Kryon book 11, pages 38-43 (English version) for a full explanation of how this experiment was done.
(above) The light streaming down the shaft of the vertical observatory. At the top is supposed to be a specialized cover. (above right) This is obviously the cover. First, it fits! Second, it has astronomical markings and holes that are "keyed" to assist those ancients who had to use it at different times of year to work with another disk that was located half way down the shaft. However, this disk is located in the museum on-site and is identified as a "sweat lodge artifact."
(above) Jorge and Lee stand at the famous pyramid of Quetzalcoatl on the top of a mesa where the glyphs are present over four faces of the pyramid. After the official guide explained what it said, Jorge revealed the rest of the story… that it really represented the phases of energy, rising and falling, which the ages had gone through.
(Above) Dr. Luis Oscoy stands under the shaft of light in the observatory. This is about a 20 second time exposure and without a tripod I couldn't breath until the shutter clicked shut (pant pant). But I got him! He didn't know I was photographing.
(left) A photograph from the website of Xochicalco, showing another time exposure of tourists observing the light from the shaft.