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November 2006


From Lee Carroll...
I wish to introduce you to my friend Elan. He is a wonderful artist and creator and has supported my work since I met him at the Tel Aviv airport in a pouring rain in 2000 during the first Kryon visit to Israel. Elan not only designed every Hebrew Kryon book cover, but also organized our very successful meeting in this ancient and histoic area. Today he is living in America and involved in creating beautiful art and graphics for our friend Peggy Phoenix Dubro. As I continue to mangle the pronunciation of the Hebrew DNA layers names across the earth, he is so patient with me! He helps me phonetically to try to say words that are so easy for him. Why is it that an Israeli can speak perfect English, but I can't even say Shalom very well? Elan, I honor you for who you are! - Thank you for all you do for Kryon and our work on earth.
Shalom dear reader:

Thank you for taking the time to read the following words.

For those who know me, I am not the most verbally expressive person, nor do I often express myself in writing. When I was about to send Lee the DNA illustration files to be posted here on the Kryon website, Lee said that he would not do so until I wrote about myself and the process that led me to the illustrations... so I replaced for a moment my electronic brush with a pen!

A Little About Myself:

My name is Elan Cohen.

Up until several years ago I had been living all my life in Israel and had been a “fan” of the Kryon books since the first book was published back in 1993. As so many of you, I had, and still have, many wonderful changes and challenges in my life, and the empowering loving messages from Kryon were always there as support on my spiritual path. The Kryon work embodies such a tremendous spiritual source of love-filled information that it's beyond what the written word can describe.

My background in life has always been in the creative arts, and in my day-to-day life I am an art and graphics designer. When living in Israel, I had my own business as well as working for other companies. One of the things I loved to do was design book covers, and for a number of years I worked with publishing companies. One of those jobs was creating the covers for the Kryon books in Hebrew. That was actually my first experience directly related to the Kryon materials!

(Click here to see Hebrew Kryon book covers)

In my spare time I was, and still am, a promoter and producer for musical and spiritual events in Israel for musicians and spiritual authors from abroad. Through a wonderful synchronicity of events, I also had the honor to sponsor and produce the first Kryon seminar in Israel in 2000 where more than 1,100 people attended, as well as the most recent Kryon visit in 2005 before an international audience in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem where more than 1,300 people attended. [Click here to see this seminar] This has allowed me to personally come to know Lee Carroll through the years.

I also came to know two wonderful loving people, Stephen and Peggy Phoenix Dubro, when hosting and producing their workshops in Israel in 2000. On their second visit to Israel in 2001 they brought with them their beautiful golden daughter Shana. It was love at first sight! After several trips back and forth to both countries, I moved to Connecticut, USA. On July 13, 2002 we were happily married and now live on the beautiful red rocks of Sedona, Arizona, working together for the Energy Extension, Inc. home of the EMF Balancing Technique®.

About the DNA Illustrations:

When Kryon started channeling the information about the Layers of DNA, he told Lee that the actual names of the DNA would be in Hebrew! As some of you know by now, Lee can't speak or understand Hebrew. So he asked me to assist him in learning how to correctly pronounce the names (we are still working on that part :-).

To those of you who have tried speaking a non-Latin language, you may know that it does not come that easily... and requires a lot of Practice! So once every month or so Lee and I make a telephone appointment where we do a little practice regarding the Hebrew names that Lee has been given.

The Hebrew language goes back over 3,000 years. It is one of the oldest languages of which we have any knowledge. The earliest example of Hebrew writing dates from the 10th or 11th century BC. The new information about the DNA layers and their connection to the Hebrew language, as well as seeing the names in Hebrew, is a very moving experience for many Hebrew speaking people and myself, who read and love the Kryon messages.

As I was going through my own experience reading the Kryon DNA channellings and helping Lee with the names, I was inspired to illustrate the DNA layers, all the while wondering if such a thing was even possible in our dimension.
I presented the idea to Lee and he happily encouraged me to start the work!

When illustrating the DNA layers, it was as though I was in a very special place. When working on the illustrations and meditating (in front of my MAC computer), I feel and see shapes and colors and interpret them onto an electronic canvas as the process unfolds. You may describe this process as a form of channelling, intuitive reading, or creative inspiration. It all feels right. It was also interesting that this work came shortly after I illustrated the 44 Attributes of Mastery Cards for Phases V-VIII of the EMF Balancing Technique. It is one of those moments in life when one feels the Creative Creator within! It was a profound experience for me. In the process I experienced a “wink” from Kryon in one of the DNA channellings. I felt a wonderful moment of validation to my work:

Newport channelling 2003

"...These names don't stand alone. There are also pictures and colors. Perhaps there will come a time when all of this will come together and it will be more meaningful to you, even though it's interdimensional. Perhaps you'll start seeing the divinity within, and understand where the miracles actually come from. Perhaps you might even find out how to pronounce the ancient words, and feel the energy they contain when spoken."

As you can see, the illustrations are not a "photographic" representation of the interdimensional DNA layers since they exist in an interdimensional reality. They are an interpretation of colors and shapes presented in a graphic style to portray the essence of the resonance the layers hold, as I perceive them intuitively. My wish is that they inspire you to become more of the grand multidimensional creative creator being of light and color that you are!

These DNA illustrations are now available! (as of November 2006) If you are interested in having them, please click HERE.

In Love and Light


On July 24, 2006 our beautiful baby girl Ahdivah was born.

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