Fourth Annual Kryon Cruise ~ September 7- 14, 2003 ~
Hosts -
Sojourn Tours - Mary Ellen and Len Delekta
Ship: "Norwegian Star"

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(left) The group assembles early in the morning on the dock. (middle) On the bus to the first of three sacred sites... af very full day! (right) A typical Kauai rainbow greets us as we arrive.
(left) Antion and Elandra were our official hosts for these sacred sites on Kauai. (Middle) Antion is a renowned chanter of the sacred Hawaiian traditions. (right) Daphne Therese was our wonderful Hula dancer. Check out Antion's website. He has a beautiful new CD that is filled with wonderful sacred songs. Elandra's website:
This was the first site, Holoholo Ku, (left) a Hawaiian Heiau - (pronounced hey`ou). To ancient Hawaiians, and pre-Christians, the Heiau was a temple of worship, offering and/or sacrifice. (right) We gather at Pohaku Piko, next to Holoholo Ku. This is a sacred rock area where a newborn Hawaiian infant's placenta would be placed to let the Gods decide his fate.

The second Heiau was Poli'ahu, offering a breathtaking view of the Wialua river and the Kaui coastline (below).

The third Heiau was Hikina a ka La, right on the beach! This was an awesome experience!
Photos by Lee Carroll and Alex Luna
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Click the button to see the amazing grounds of the Kadavul Hindu Temple.