Mexico - Mexico City and Cuernavaca ~ February 4-5, 2006 ~
Host: Antonio Campesino ~ Co-hosts in Mexico City: Alejandra Trillo
& Philippe Du Pasquier ~ Co-hosts in Cuernavaca: Dr. Luis Ortiz Oscoy and Anna Signoret
On February 4 and 5, 2006, Lee Carroll and Robert Coxon presented a one-day large seminar, and one-day small seminar in Mexico. The first day almost 1,000 people attended in Mexico City, the largest city in the world! The second day we went to a SPA in Cuernavaca [Hostal de la Luz] to present a smaller meeting for an intimate group of people (144). On the third day, the SPA, was dedicated and blessed by a representative from the Dalai Lama as a "Place of Peace" in the world. Indeed it was! Click the button at left to check out all the photos of this magical place!
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Antonio Campesino was our host. A professional promoter and past book distributor, he now resides in Spain with his wife Marta and two children. Our co-hosts in Mexico City, who did tons of work, are pictured below.
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This is the main ballroom of the Hotel Marquis Reforma, one of the nicest in Mexico City. Here the crowd is addressed by Philippe Du Pasquier. His name sounds French, huh? He is! We had a truly international hosting team for this event. Was it videoed? Yes! That means a Spanish DVD will be produced. When it is, you can find it here.
(left) The hosts of Mexico City: (left to right) Philippe Du Pasquier, Antonio Campesino, and
Alejandra Trillo - (right) Antonio addresses the crowd.
(left) Lee Carroll, Leslie Pascoe (translator) and Robert Coxon - (right) Lee Carroll channelling Kryon
Meet Jesus Cabral!
On a little beach on the Mexican coast off of Puerto Escondido, Jesus creates the FLASH portions of this Kryon website! You didn't know that, I'll bet. Thank you Jesus, for your beautiful work for us!
More Photos!
More Photos!