Mexico - Cuernavaca ~ February 5, 2006 ~
Hosts in Cuernavaca: Dr. Luis Ortiz Oscoy
and Ana Signoret
On February 5, 2006, Lee Carroll and Robert Coxon presented a one-day small seminar in Mexico. It was presented in a SPA in Cuernavaca [Hostal de la Luz] as a question and answer session for an intimate group of 144 people. The day we left the SPA, it was dedicated and blessed by a representative from the Dalai Lama as a "Place of Peace" in the world. Indeed it was! Take a look!
Dr. Luis Ortiz Oscoy
Owner of the SPA and Kryon host
(directly above) Lee & Patti Carroll, and Dr. Luis. (right) Robert Coxon, Leslie Pascoe (translator) and Dr. Luis Ortiz Oscoy (host)
On February 8, 2006 a representative of the Dalai Lama came to bless the property and claim it to be a "Place of Peace" on the earth. There were ceremonies, including the blessing of the SPA's labyrinth...
a very energetic area of the Spa.
(above) The Lama blesses the labyrinth and presents in the Ashram (Meditation center). (lower right) The lama blesses each of the attendees, here stopping in front of Dr. Luis Ortiz Oscoy and Ana Signoret.