Bern, Switzerland ~ April 19-20, 2003 ~
Hosts - Jürgen Lipp and Konrad Halbig and Elisabeth Conrad
Lots of big photos... be patient while they load! It's worth it.
(left) Switzerland is one of the most breathtaking countries in all of Europe. The left photo was actually out of our hotel windows on the 7th floor of the Allegro hotel where the Kryon team was staying.

The event was a powerful experience. Presented in German and English, the audiences were gracious and very serious about the information presented.

Our thanks to our wonderful German hosts, Jürgen Lipp, Konrad Halbig, and their families for this awesome experience. Elisabeth Conrad was our sweet Bern host, and kept us from getting lost! We also thank Steve and Petra Ostergaard, the publishers of many of the Kryon books and creator of the German Kryon website [click here].

Scroll down and see photos from our trip to the Alps. Speaking of the Alps... they are even visible in this photo from our rooms.

It was hard to present in all this beauty! You just wanted to stare out the windows!

Lee Carroll
(above left) The Hotel Allegro in Bern is combined with a conference center and casino. (above right) Getting ready Saturday AM
Here is a composite photo of the conference center. It holds about the same number of people who came! 1100!
(above) It was unusual to have tables in the audience... but they were used for taking notes.
(below and right) On the second day, the crowd appreciates a song from Jan Tober
(Above: left to right) Our German organizers, Konrad and Jürgen / Lee Carroll overlooking Bern / Robert Coxon stabilizing the Earth.
(Above: left to right) Maria George / Hanna Lipp, Karin Halbig / Peggy Phoenix Dubro and husband Steve Dubro
Okay... want to see our scary gondola ride up into the Alps (and some very nice photos of Switzerland)?

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(left to right) Ingrid LeBlanc, Elisabeth Conrad (our Bern host) and Jan Tober