Bern, Switzerland ~ April 19-20, 2003 ~
Hosts - Jürgen Lipp and Konrad Halbig and Elisabeth Conrad
Lots of big photos... be patient while they load! It's worth it.
We're on our way to Schilthorn, at 10,000 feet. Gondolas are the only way... three of them, along with very brave skiers!
(above) Robert Coxon and Jürgen Lipp board the gondola. (left and right) The Alps are sometimes sunny, and sometimes in a cloud
(left and right)

At the base of the mountain there is Lauterbrunnen valley and Staubbach Waterfall. The snows are melting a bit in April, so the waterfalls were everywhere!

Switzerland has the look of a giant model train set. Everything is perfect, clean, fresh, and green! Then put some trains in this scene (and they have them) and you have to look twice to believe it's real.
(above) The first gondola ride of three. This is definitely NOT for those afraid of heights!
(above: left to right) Skiers share the ride with tourists / Robert Coxon pauses at level two / Skiers at the top of the world! Kids too!
On The way up!

(left) Wengen Village

(right) Higher and higher. The gondola cables disappear into the mist below, as we head to the final destination of Schilthorn.

(above) We made it! Schilthorn was used for the James Bond film "On Her Majesty's Secret Service." Funds from the movie helped complete its construction in 1969. Do you remember the film? This building was blown-up at the end. However, that was a model (We're glad). We had lunch in the revolving restaurant at the top. The only thing they didn't serve was oxygen! (and we needed it). Although Lee took most of the photos on this page, the ones of the building above were put together from post cards.
The reason? We were in a cloud all day! The other reason? He didn't have a helicopter.

Trivia: Who played James Bond in this movie? Hint... he only played James Bond one time, and this was the film.
(** answer at the bottom of the page)
(left, right, and bottom)

Stellar Thun lake. We had a late afternoon coffee and desert on the lake.

Okay.. is it really this beautiful?


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** Answer to the trivia question: It was George Lazenby. Click here for his bio and photo.
All the photos on this page were taken by Lee Carroll for the exception of the ones directly above, and the photos of Schilthorn.