Santa Fe, New Mexico ~ July 19-21, 2002 ~
Promoters -
The Sundance Group - Geoff Hoppe
The 6th Annual Kryon Summer Light Light Conference.....
Lots of photos!! Be patient while it all loads up...
Setting up (above right). The 6th Annual Kryon conference officially began on Friday morning (below) with a greeting from our hosts, Linda Benyo and Geoff Hoppe. The Marriott Courtyard Hotel in Santa Fe, New Mexico, was again the venue. Musicians Stacy Frank (Guitar) and Peter Sterling (harp), supplied music all three days. Special musical guest was Robert Coxon.
Above: Linda Benyo and Geoff Hoppe

Right: Stacy Frank
and Peter Sterling
Perhaps you're one of the ones who attended? If so, a great big thank you for making this seminar one of the best ever!
The Mall!!
A time to look at neat things and meet people from all
over the world!
above: Geoff, Dr. Doug, and Linda. Top right: Dr. Todd
Above: Hey... is Lee wearing a necklace?
Above: Steve and Barbara Rother.
Above: Surprise guest,
Ronna Herman, signs her book for an attendee as helper Bonnie Capelle, looks on.
Jan Tober at her table and with Barbara Rother.
The Three Amigos!
Above: The EMF table with the newlyweds Ilan and Shana! Below: Our own Rogue's gallery.
Below: The extended Dubro family with Steve and Barb Rother and Dr. Todd.
Above: Rob Harris, the Kryon photographer. Thanks Rob!
For some real clowning around...
Push the button to the left...
Speakers & Channelling!
Some photos from the Friday speakers-and-channelling day, the Kryon channelling on Saturday, the Thursday "get aquinted day," and the "quad" channelling on Sunday.
Above: Jan and Lee begin the day (Saturday)
Norma Delaney and Garrett Annofsky begin things on Thursday morning.
Steve and Barbara Rother, present an afternoon of information and channelling (Friday)
Main Kryon channelling on Saturday night.

Jan Tober
Robert Coxon
present a
guided meditation.
Above: What was advertised as a "tri-channel" became a surprise "quad-channel" with the addition of Ronna Herman! From right to left: Ronna Herman (Archangel Michael), Steve Rother (The Group), Geoff Hoppe (Tobias), and Lee Carroll (Kryon)
Robert Coxon's music again adorned the stage during the meditations and channellings. The special concert was awesome!
Above: A farewell after the quad channelling. Will this ever happen again?
Perhaps metaphysical history was made this day...
Above: Too much fun! Ten on a couch! Note Steve Rother's position... very nice. Is this a Kryon conference record? We shall see..
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