October 27, 2000 - Tel Aviv, Israel
"A New Beginning"
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On October 27, 2000, amid the violence and turmoil of what the Israelis call "The Situation," a Kryon seminar was held in the middle of Tel Aviv. Attracting a sell-out crowd of more than 1,000 people, many put aside the fear of terrorism associated with large spiritual meetings, and showed their courage as they anxiously awaited the channelling that follows. What Lee reminded these attendees during the all-day session is what Kryon channelled in March, 2000 - that in the new energy, things may appear to move backwards.

In March of 2000, Kryon channelled the following information, published in September of this year in Kryon Book 8, Passing the Marker.

"Dear ones, in these next few years, you are going to see some reversals. You may look at these reversals and say, "You know, our Earth seemed to be doing pretty well until we got to this place. Now it seems hat there are some reversals of the good things that were happening." How many promising peace agreements on this planet are suddenly now stalled? How many issues politically and tribally have simply reached a stalemate? Have you seen any agreements simply fall apart lately? What's happening here? Isn't this the new energy?

Also, there will be action one way or the other within some issues that have simply been stalled for a very long time. Things that have seemed stuck will unstick themselves, and some will appear to move backwards in chaos!"

Now, the people of this volatile region are indeed facing this very same thing.

In addition, a channelled message (also published in Kryon Book 8) was given in Orlando, Florida in January 2000

"Look at Israel! .... Watch for a seeming 'pull backward' this year, as the old energy force tries its best to keep the old conflicts alive. This energy is new to the planet, and potentially will bring great trial to those who try to remain in the old paradigm."

Our hearts were touched greatly by the warmth that these people emanated. Although mostly Jews, we were also aware of those of many faiths and cultures, all desiring to finally find a solution to one of the world's most perplexing and long-standing cultural problems. As Jan and I received hugs from so many before we departed a week later, we were aware of how much appreciation there was for those who visit from the outside, those who try to understand a difficult situation - if only for a few hours.

As you read the following, put yourself in the place of these lightworkers, many from a lineage of great masters - ones who walked the very earth where we were speaking. Many are in fear and would love to know that before you retire each night, perhaps you might send energy their way. Visualize peace. Don't tell Spirit how to do it; just visualize the Middle East finally healing itself in a slow but positive manner. See the children unafraid on all sides. See love doing the work that diplomats could not. See a miracle!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


(Simultaneously translated into Hebrew for the crowd)

Greetings, Dear Ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Energy. [Note that Kryon changed from the normal greeting of "Magnetic Service." This is because of the difficulty translating this term into Hebrew.]

The voice that you hear now is the one that you have been hearing all day long [speaking of Lee's lecture earlier]. But for those of you who have come to sense the energy of Spirit, you know the energy of who is visiting you. So we say to you in these opening moments of discussion that this is the sister, the brother, the family member called Kryon - the one who has no more power than you do. This is the one who comes before you for the first time in this area, and who greets the family as we have never done before.

We proclaim this a reunion of the highest order! We proclaim this a time when energy can be combined in a way that it never has before in this great land. Let the entourage, which has come in through the crack of the veil, spill into this place and cover it with the thickness of love. Feel those entities, if you wish, between the seats - between the aisles - some of them behind you - some in front, taking their places before you as the love pours into this space.

Hold your own energy, the one of the Divine angels that you are, and prepare to greet those who come into this space by your intent. Some of them who may visit you this evening in love may surprise you. Some of you felt that you were coming to sit in this energy, having no idea whom you might really meet, for when the angel says, "I will," miracles happen. In a space where more than 1,000 of you sit, you may manifest whatever you choose - one voice. One consciousness may change the reality of all that is.

Greet the readers of this information, who may live in a different land. For they are joining with you in the "now" energy of this timeless event. Long after the lights are out here in this building, the energy of this moment will be lived again and again. In some ways, each time these words are revisited, the event is again "live."

Many of you thought you came here this day to feel the energy of Kryon - to sit and bask in the love of Spirit. Perhaps you had no idea the way this works, for you have the transcribed words of the Kryon messages [all the Kryon books have been translated into Hebrew]. But that's different from being visited in person. For when you sit in this space and the entourage surrounds you and begins to wash the feet of the angels who sit in the chairs, something different happens, which words on a page cannot convey. You have given intent for the area around you to change, and it is doing so now.

Let us tell you this: You have no idea who came to see who! We are in awe of those who sit here. We know of the lineage of each of you. We speak now of those who are from the area and those who have traveled long distances. Yet there is no difference in our eyes, for we know who you are. We know of your spiritual names. We know of your lives. We are aware of the fears and the uncertainties. We have surrounded you for so long with the entourage of love, if you have asked for it. Now perhaps you will get a chance to feel what it's like to have the thickness of love swirl around you, to be touched on the back, the shoulders - and to be loved without measure. For this is what happens when you get together and combine an intent to allow the love of God to be felt. You get to "feel" it. There is no organization or religion around this. Although your organizations and ceremonies are honored before God, since they embody the search for the Divine, it is the essence of the Human Being that speaks to you - the love of God that is in every pore of your body, where the real Divinity hides.

Someday, when all is gone and the body is finished carrying you within the Earth lesson, the angel inside you returns to the spiritual place called Home. When that occurs, you will find no organization or religion there - only the love of family, one for another. We have seen you there, at Home, over and over and over and over. We know your face, and not the one you think you have now. We are aware of you when you sing your name in light to us - and you wonder who came to see whom?

We look around now and we say, "We expected you." We know who you are. The moment you gave intent to sit in the chair, we knew who would be here, and we expected you. The energy began to increase in this place, and those who planned to visit you from my side of the veil started to line up. Don't be surprised if some of you experience a feeling of lineage this afternoon. Perhaps those Humans who have passed over in your lives are here? Well, they are! Within the spiritual entourage that floods over this place, there is so much family!

Before we can begin the teaching, we must remind you how interdimensional you are. None of you come into this earth alone. You do not work through your problems alone, and you do not leave alone. There is never a time on this planet when you are alone. We remind you of this so that you will know that as we speak today of what is necessary to move to the next level, you will not feel that we have asked you to make bricks without straw. Instead, you will understand that you have the hand of the Divine at your side. You will understand that you are empowered to do what is asked - that around you is an interdimensional energy that is ready to be called upon - one that has changed and increased even in these last months.

Oh, dear ones [chuckle], some of you pretend to be alone. We have told you this before. You climb into the closet and you shut the door and you turn off the light. In your sorrow - perhaps within your deepest fear, you feel you are alone, never knowing even for a moment that in there with you is an entire entourage having a party! You can't be alone. It's spiritually impossible. Oh, you can deceive yourself and pretend all you wish, but while you're pretending, the entourage is there. We tell you this to bolster your peace, and give you solace over what you are enduring even as we visit you now.

Human Interdimensionality
There are aspects of things around you that you may be unaware of. One of the biggest is this: I am here to tell you that the entity that has your name, called Human, may seem to be complete, but it isn't. Part of you is not here! You have heard the expression, the Higher Self. This is accurate. Part of this Higher Self of you is in a planning session, co-creating with the other Higher Selves of the rest of you in order to create synchronicity - to co-create a new reality with you.

I know this may sound confusing, and we will again channel on this subject. Understand that we must speak of interdimensional things using metaphors in this teaching session, and we will present the following information with a reminder that much of what is to follow is interdimensional and therefore often metaphoric.

Listen carefully, for there will be concepts presented that perhaps you will not understand the first time around. Part of you is not here. Part of you is within what some of you have called the "guides and angels" around you. We call it energy. They cannot be numbered, for they are one, yet they are infinite. You have the very essence of Spirit around you constantly, and this essence is a loving essence, ready to be activated with compassion.

Your Extended Family
Here is the second attribute: Again, we will expand upon this even within the next channelling. Dear ones, have you ever wondered whether those Humans who have "passed over" are watching? What happens to a soul? I have just given you information that says you have many pieces, and that they do not reside all in one place. It's difficult to imagine, interdimensional that it is, and hard to explain in four dimensions [that you sit within]. We are telling you that as you are in many pieces, so too are the ones who lived with you and who departed - even some who were ancestors. What we are saying at this moment is that part of you, dear ones, whom you call the guides, whom you call the angels, are those Human beings whom you have known as Human family, but who have passed on. So we give you this information: When you think you feel them, and you wonder if they're able to see you and what you're going through, they can see you. It's intuitive information, and not just your imagination. This is not a metaphor. Indeed, they are with you, or what we call a portion of them.

If you call upon the names of your fathers, you might be interested to know that a piece of them is with you. This goes for any Human who has been with you as friend or family and has passed over. Part of their karmic attributes are to be with you in this way. It is the same with you, when you leave the earth. The difficult part of this is the realization that you, or part of you, is still active as someone else's guide!

Perhaps this energy of past family is an energy you would like to draw upon this very night? How many of you are aware that you are your own ancestors? How many of you have walked in the desert before? How many of you are aware of just how long you have owned this land? [Kryon chuckle.] I speak to shamans. I speak to what we have termed the medicine men and women and the ancient priests. I speak to those who have awakened before, and we will talk about that in a moment. For these are the ones who can change the reality of a land. The ones who have awakened before are the ones, who by their very thoughts and actions and calling upon the interdimensional parts of their own Divinity, can change the reality of the land under their feet. For the energy of it, and what happens to it, belongs to their co-creative powers.

The Changing Energy of the Planet
There are paradigms of existence on the Earth that are changing. Again, we speak of metaphors of energy, since it is the only way we can speak of interdimensional things. Your biology is beginning to shift. Some of you are aware of the ability to live longer. We have spoken of this in the past. Science will enhance this for you, and an old energy paradigm, which has Humans living and dying in short life spans, is beginning to end. A new energy, which allows a different kind of biology, is now available. Slow as it may be, you will start to see it in your very bodies if you wish to. For those who call upon the Divine inside will have answers because of the intent they show.

You are moving away from the paradigm of the immune system to the paradigm of the thymus. The immune system has worked well for years, and indeed, it's about to work even better. But it is a system that intercepts and fights the enemy. It is the immune system's paradigm of biology, and it's also the way Humans have handled strife between nations since nations started forming. Although it's an old paradigm, it has been married into Human consciousness since the beginning. Even the old scriptures speak of it, as when "the eye offends you, pluck it out.!" It is important for you to remember the parable we gave you about the old scriptures, and how many of them described a Human who was sleeping. When the Human who is sleeping awakens, there has to be a new book of wisdom. How many of you carry around the books you used as children? Understand the metaphor here, and you will understand the place of old scriptural teachings in respect to the new Human Being. God never meant for instructions given in an energy of yesterday to be carried around today, or used forever. In fact, this is why channelling occurs at all. Does it make sense to you that Humans would have great spiritual change, yet their spiritual manuals would remain static?

The shift is now to the paradigm of the thymus; something that will awaken within and create harmony instead of confrontation and fighting. The way things work, therefore, is shifting from interception and fighting to that of harmony. Think about the elegance of this: Harmony does not ask for destruction. Instead, it uses energy and wisdom to create something that is a catalyst to bring the former invader to a place of existing with common purpose.

Within the Indigo Children, you will be able to see developments in biology as they become adults, as another generation takes their place that is different from your own. Part of this seeming metaphor will actually have substance within your four dimensions. This is not a prediction; it is a fact, which is happening now. Already, they [the Indigo Children] are developing some organs in their bodies that are more sophisticated than those you have in yours. The new breed has arrived, and we will speak of them later in this very channelling. Here is an important metaphor: You are moving from the paradigm of the two in energy to the paradigm of the three in energy. This is not dimensional talk. We are not speaking of a second and a third dimension. Instead, we are speaking of the energy around the two in numerology and in language; and the three, which is coming into your new way of life. The three in numerological ways speaks of a catalyst. The three, therefore, has the energy to create something else. It is the age of the three, and some of you know what I'm speaking of.

The First Three
The first three is what we have described as "The Third Language." This is an interdimensional spiritual language that some have called new intuition. It is a language that sits above you and is Divine. When you face another Human Being, you may speak the same language, but The Third Language, the energy of the three, is a catalyst for full understanding at a level much higher than you are used to. It is one that Humans will use between Humans, and they will know of the true feelings of others. They will know of the energy of others. It is the ability of this Third Language to hook humanity together in a way that has never been hooked together before. It's an interdimensional way that is new, one that needs to be studied and practiced - one that can be drawn to you with your intent.

One of the attributes of The Third Language is that you cannot deceive, cannot lie, and cannot escape your true feelings. The Third Language, therefore, is one of wisdom and spiritual purpose. Look for it in the Indigos, for they are developing it now.

Call it a new gift with a changing grid if you wish. Eleven years ago, I told you of this, the new abilities and the new gifts of the changing grid, and by the year 2002, it will start to be obvious that there is indeed another way of communicating. It's The Third Language.

The Second Three
We speak now in metaphoric terms regarding the third exodus - the first one being out of Egypt, the second one being an exodus from all parts of the Earth into this area, and the third being the exodus of an old energy of slavery, of oppression and fear, into one of wisdom and hope. It's an exodus away from concentrating on the land, and instead, is connected and enhanced with spiritual energy that will flood in and push the old things away. Included in the old things will be former assumptions about what should happen here - former assumptions even about what those around you expect from you. Profound it will be, and the Earth will see it if you allow it
This is the promise that is here: Cloaked in "the situation," there is a jewel. Cloaked in "the situation," there is promise, and like so many times before, we say to you that the reasoning and elegance of the energy being developed hides so completely that you cannot see it. In linear time, perhaps it will take longer than you wish, and we're going to give you some things to think about regarding that. But here is another three, one that may surprise you - but not all of you.

The Third Three
Now don't get excited or anxious, but we wish to speak of the third temple. [This is a reference to the Temple Mount, where the first two Jewish temples were built and destroyed in history. It is in the Old City in Jerusalem.] There are those who say that for the earth to ascend, the third temple must be rebuilt where the other two were. Well, I'm here to tell you something: It's being built right now! It's interdimensional, not built with mortar or bricks - not with the stones of the area as before, but with the intent of those lightworkers in this room and around your area. It may shock and surprise you to know that there are lightworkers working on this temple inside themselves - even on the other side of the borders that are part of the situation. They are ones whom you would never think of as doing this, but they are.

For it's going to take two agreeing consciousnesses to remedy the situation, bringing in agreement, consensus, and therefore creating the three. We know this sounds mysterious, but you will understand in time how the two together can create the three. The temple is being rebuilt metaphorically, and it is this third one that represents wisdom in the hearts of those who occupy this land. It is a profound step. It is strong in its potential. It has a wonderful foundation. It gleams with gold and hope, and it is part of your lineage. This is what scripture has referred to, and this is what it has always meant. That is why it was so elusive, and even those who are not religious here will understand what the old faith has said. The old energy would never allow the third temple. Look at the root word of Jerusalem in Hebrew, for it sounds out the two energy. The third temple is in progress - different from all the others. It's the one that lets you worship inside with a family that you didn't expect to be there. That's where the angel belongs - the one who uses the Third Language. This, indeed, is part of the new Jerusalem, the beginning of the three. Does it not make sense that if the angel of God is inside the Human, and the Human is beginning to realize it . . . that there would also be a temple there, too?

The Jews, and the Metaphor of the House
We have referred to the metaphor of the Human house before. Each room is a different culture - a different consciousness of Humanity worldwide. The house is complete, and has stood through time. You might ask yourselves, "Where is our room in this metaphoric house, as Jews? Where would it be? Perhaps it's one with a beautiful view, for we like water a lot." [Laughter.] "Perhaps it's the kitchen, for we have wonderful food in our land. Some say it's on top! Yes, that's where it is, on top - the highest one. It has to be there, since Kryon has channelled about the lineage of the Jews being important to Earth."

It's none of those places. Let me give you a metaphor of where your room is in this house of Earth. You don't have a room. Instead, you represent the foundation! Oh, perhaps it's not as glamorous, but let me tell you something: When the foundation cracks, the house crumbles. To give you an idea of the importance of your room, we tell you this again and again: As goes this space you call Israel, so goes the world. They are firmly allied, and as one goes, so goes the other. Call this spiritual accounting, if you wish, but the connection has been known and explained to you many times in the past.

That is the importance of this area. That is why all eyes are upon you now, the entire world knows of the situation, and the highest structures of power on Earth are all trying their best to help. All history has known of this place, and the spiritual significance of it. All history has known the Jews, and many have tried to take the foundation away, to tear down the house, and to become the new foundation. We have told you that at the cellular level, your ancient and present enemies know that no stone can remain of the Jewish foundation for them to gain the power that they wish. You can even see this in the present situation. There is no other situation on the planet like this. It is a play of energy that is beginning to shift, and with shift, there is often anxiety.

You wonder why you chose to be here? You could hardly wait to get back! You could hardly wait to come in again, knowing all of the things that might happen, for you are the foundation. You are the strength. You are the ones who have been here over and over - part of the dirt of the land. You understand the earth. You are one with it. Some of you have even tried to live in other places, but you keep "snapping back" like a rubber band, and you don't know why.

The very dirt of the earth calls to you here. This is where you belong! But you knew that, didn't you? We're going to tell you something. We're going to give you four points of advice about what you can do to complement and solve the situation. Some of you will say, "You know, the situation never would have happened if we had done something different. We had our chances early on. We could have done this or we could have done that. We didn't do things correctly. If we had, this current situation never would have happened. We wouldn't be where we are today in this uncertainty if we had taken care of some things early on."

I am here to tell you, dear ones, that nothing - nothing would have worked. For what you have now is the setup you designed, the one to have unrest here. You made it yourselves. It was the way you planned it, and now suddenly, a new energy arises - one that no one predicted, where you are now able to finally make things work. Nothing you could have done would have ever changed the situation. It played itself out perfectly to the end . . . but in the last decade, the earth changed its destiny, and you are now ready to redesign the plan. My partner [Lee] mentioned to you before that what you are seeing within the situation are the "rumblings of a solution," odd as it may seem.

We are going to give you four things you can do, and all of them are going to be difficult. We're not going to tell you what political plan to have. We're not going to tell you what leader to elect. For those items are very three-dimensional. No. We're going to tell you what to do personally to bring about collective change. These are profound exercises, and when you do them, they will not be just words. If you will do these things, dear ones, you will change your area and those around you will feel it, also. Those on the other side will feel differently. Consciousness will change. In other parts of the world where they've pulled down the walls - that is, forgiven one another and done unexpected things to create harmony, they created the slow miracles of impossible cultural shift. It can also happen here. People change when consciousness is focused on the Divine portion of the Human Being.

Here is the first of the four: Look at the situation. Look at it hard. See it in all its ugliness. Feel the fear and then celebrate it. Celebrate it! Can you do that? Did I say this would be hard? Can you celebrate a challenge? In the now you can. This is the catalyst. It is the three. It puts upon the area a compassionate blanket that says, "We know better. What we are seeing is not the final energy. We celebrate the change of solution. Our hearts cry for the death, but at the level of Divine, we celebrate the new solutions being created." This is hard. It must transform fear into creation. It must take you from a two to a three.

The second one: Visualize in your mind the perfect solution without knowing what it is. [Audience laughter.]. How do you do that? Here's how: Visualize yourself peaceful, as if it was finally over . . . not just suppressed, but over. Take the now out of linear. Make time advance to a place in the future where you say, "Oh, we got through this." Feel the peace without worrying about future events. Feel the peace of something happening, which indeed is finally working and has wisdom. You don't have to remember how it happened - just feel it!

Again, you are creating compassion - the catalyst of change. You are filling empty energy spaces with an energy of solution, one you can't even comprehend. It won't be the first time the Jews did that! Your lineage is filled with this: Surviving the unsurvivable - having trust, faith - holding the hand of those who spiritually know more than you - connecting to God and being lifted up. And here it is again. It does not have to be "religious" to be worthy of your looking into it. For the Divine is inside, and we have said it before. Personally, you are as spiritual as any temple. The essence of God sits before me.

Here is the third one - perhaps the hardest of all: Look at the situation and remember - remember that you created it. As sure as you sit in these chairs, in the planning sessions on the other side of the veil, you created it! This was the plan. "Oh, I don't know, Kryon, that's a tough one. Why would I ever do that to myself, to my family?" Let me give you an expression we have given before: Iron sharpens iron. You are the ones between the hammer and the rock being sharpened - Divinely sharpened. Each time the hammer comes down, it's not easy. The challenges seem to increase, but what emerges is a fine tool - one that is so sharp in its wisdom and in its solution that it is entirely new in concept. Iron sharpens iron. And so at a level that you don't even know you have, you chose to come back and be sharpened in the wisdom of God. It isn't the first time you have made this kind of choice.

Your Vows (a revisited concept)
The fourth one is perhaps not as hard as the others, but it is still profound. Listen, shamans, we have told others around this earth something you need to hear, also. You've been here before. You have awakened before. You have picked up the pen and scribed the scriptures before. You are your own ancestors! This is not the first time you have felt the love of God in your midst. This is not the first time you've felt the entourage around you. But in this whole energy, so many of you gave vows to God. Some of you even married God so that you could focus completely on spiritual things, and you spent your lives as ancient priests on your knees and in the sackcloth. Some of you did that right here.

Maybe you didn't know this, but we are here to tell you that vows to God carry over from lifetime to lifetime. Did you know that? Now, let me ask you, shamans: How many of you have vowed poverty? How many of you vowed to be alone? You want to know why relationships between people don't work? Because you feel guilty every time they do! There is a vow inside you that reminds you that you must stay celibate in order to worship God! But those ancient vows stick as residuals within you, and you fight them every day, even in the new energy.

Perhaps it's time to drop them. We give you this information so that silently, in your chair or at home, later, if you wish, you might consider dropping those old energy vows. Here is what you might say: "Dear Spirit, I drop the vows of the old energies. I deserve to be abundant, to be loved, to be with those who love me. I deserve to have a new beginning. I deserve to be part of a new energy of solution that helps change the land." Remember the spiritual axiom: First take care of yourself . . . then the things around you will change.

For some of you, these four things simply sound like words in the air. But they'll create more energy than any sword ever could. They will shake the land with their profundity. They will shine light into dark places They will build a temple in you that will heal the land around you. And in the process, you will conquer no one . . . and the others will conquer no one. In the process, together you will eventually discover family and conquer differences.

Ownership of Holy Places?
Let me discuss another thing: No one owns God! This is one family, one Earth, one humanity, each with different tasks. No tribe owns the essence of God. We tell you this because this is also part of the solution. Finally, there is a potential of a recognition, perhaps, that the holy of holies can never be owned by anyone, ever. Perhaps they should be stewarded, and not owned? But for this to happen will require the ownership of responsibility for honoring the integrity of the family . . . a respect of things important to each other. No one can ever, or will ever, own the holy places. In the old energy way of "the immune system," there was always a fight for the what was considered sacred. Now we are inviting an energy of "the thymus" to create harmony, instead of fighting for the same sacred things.

The Opening
There is more, oh, there is more: We're going to do something that is necessary, now that you know you have the tools. It's something that some of you expected because you knew a change would have to happen in this place. We're going to give you energy, but at the same time, we draw upon your permission - the humanity in this space, and those who are praying at this moment all over the world, to do this. Many of you expected what follows at a cellular level.

In the name of Spirit, in the name of family, we open a spiritual portal in this great land right here and now. [Pause.] And now we are going to define what that means: A portal in this new energy is not an opening where God flows in with splendor. Instead, a portal is a spiritual energy door - an opening that allows the Human to connect to wisdom. Each Human Being, on their own, with intent, may access this portal, and walk through the new door. And through the portal is an advancement, a catalyst, a three of wisdom, solution, inner peace, and yes, even joy. The portal acknowledges the wisdom of the Humans and the enablement of the humanity. With the opening of this portal, we are going to give you information we have never given you before, for this is the time. This information is global about the new energy. This information will be transcribed and given to thousands in these next few weeks. It's time.

Return of the Ascended Masters
We speak now also to the readers who are casting their eyes on the page. We speak now to those who are of many ancient and powerful spiritual beliefs. This is the year of the beginning of the return of the energy of the ascended masters worldwide.

You may say this is metaphoric, but listen: Most of the ancient belief systems on this Earth had ascended prophets, and so many believers are expecting them to return. Well, the return is imminent, but not in the way you expected. Like the temple, we tell you this: The essence of the ascended master is about to enter the Human heart and mind if you choose. For those here [speaking to the Jews], we say that the one whose chair you leave empty within your ceremony, is about to sit down and have dinner with you! It's about time, is it not?

This ascension energy will happen one Human at a time in many cultures. We speak to the other cultures that have expected a second coming, a first coming, or even a third coming. We say the same is true for you. For the joy you feel in the worship of your ancient masters will manifest itself in this new energy, within YOU! For if you look at the core of all belief systems, you will find the love of God. And if you wonder about that, we say if it looks different than love to you, that's because of what Humans did to it, not God.

Let us make ourselves clear. The energy of the return is at hand, worldwide. There is protocol here for this. Some have said "I don't think you can take the profound Divine energy of an ascended master and pass it to a Human Being." Let me remind you of the old faith of your own history [again speaking to the Jews]. Elijah had a partner, Elisha. And if you recall, Elisha, after being informed about the upcoming ascension, asked the prophet this: "Dear Master, may I have your mantle when you ascend?" And the answer was "Yes, Elisha, if you can see me ascend, you may have my mantel." It was a test of vibrational shift - a test of enlightenment, was it not? If you will read the ancient history that you have, you will find out that not only did Elisha see and report it, but he also received the mantle of Elijah that was passed to him. And he took the spiritual mantel of the prophet and did great works. And where he walked on the Earth, Humans felt the love of God.

The mantle of the master, the ascended one, was passed to the Human Being who was still alive. Now, is it such a stretch of your minds in an interdimensional way to understand that this event is happening again? This is what they meant when the prophets of Earth spoke of their return. Again, we say that this is not a religious proclamation. This is about family! It is about the way things work in an interdimensional way. It was always this way, dear ones, but how could interdimensional spiritual concepts be given within an old energy? Each ascended master knew of the potential of this time on Earth. It's contained in many scriptures, and the return of those masters was foretold for this, the time where you are now hearing these words.

The Ones Coming
That's not all. There is a group of Human beings coming whom you will not be able to control. They're going to think differently than you do. You're not going to like some of the things they do, and you're not going to be able to do anything about it . . . for they are your children! These are children all over the area, not just in Israel. They're on all borders, in all tribes, in all lands and communities. Don't be shocked if the children get together and teach the adults a thing or two about peace in this next span of time. When the children have more power, things will change. We are telling you this because it is so. It is part of the promise. It is part of the solution. There is a different kind of Human Being coming who will shake hands with the Divinity of God on both sides, a Human who understands that the heart is the center - a Human who understands the difference between the immune system and the thymus.

Dear Human Being, the hardest thing we do here is to leave. Oh, indeed, the teaching has occurred today, and we've told you many things. Some of you will leave differently than you came in. You will carry intent for the mantle, knowing full well that you can leave this place and take on the mantle of the ascended master - to walk differently among those you work and play with - to feel an inner peace about yourself and your land and those who are part of the situation. But there has been much more going on here than teaching.

Did you feel the touch of those whom you knew before, but whom are no longer living? They are here, you know, for this is an important reunion. We told you this when we started. We don't want to leave. The entire time we have been here, each one of you has had your feet washed. Some of you have felt the pressure of Spirit upon your shoulders. Some of you have seen the colors that are on the stage. Some of you will leave here knowing that Spirit talked to you today as a family member. And some of you will wonder if any of this could be so.

Each is loved equally. It's not what you do, dear ones - it's not about the works. It's about the journey! You are a family member, and we're going to see you again as we've seen you in the past, over and over.

There will come a day when you and I will see each other open-eyed, and when we do, you will sing your name in light to me in the Hall of Honor. You did it before, you know. And when I see you, we will discuss the time when the Humans came together in Tel Aviv, pretending not to know each other on this day. And then we'll have another reunion . . . one that is spectacular beyond words.

If you could see what I see, you would see the potential of what we have described on this planet before. For 11 years, we have given a label to the potential that you now have before you. For the Jew and the Gentile, we have called this energy the beginning of The New Jerusalem.

The New Jerusalem is not a place in Israel. It's the description of a city of peace called The Earth. How appropriate! Is this truly the center? On this, the only planet of free choice in the Universe, is this the center? Yes, it is. But somehow you knew that, too, didn't you?

So it is, dear ones, the entourage now pulls away from this group, back through the crack in the veil. What an honor to have been able to be around you for this short amount of time. What an honor to visit the foundation in the center of the Universe.
And so it is.