The Personal Story
of how the layers of DNA
were channelled. The preparation,
fore-knowlege, and instructions
from Kryon for four years.

Lee Carroll

It was about four years ago when Kryon told me that I would channel the purpose and details of each of the 12 interdimensional layers of DNA, and that it would be given over a period of time. It would eventually become Kryon Book Twelve. This was something I was prepared and ready for, but then he told me that to enhance each layer, I would be given the Hebrew phrases that would best describe them. I was nervous about that and told Kryon I couldn't really do that since I don't even speak the language. Kryon then told me that each layer had "The Name of God" in Hebrew and that these names were already prepared, and I could have them in advance. I liked that, since I don't speak Hebrew and have no insights as to any Hebrew meanings. However, it wasn’t as simple as "go find the list." (It never is... sigh.)

DNA has never had these esoteric interpretations before. In addition, they correspond with some Lemurian names (a language not in existence anymore), and they relate strongly to numerology and the energies of numbers. Numerology is a very old science. The spiritual study of numbers goes way back in history and there's evidence of numerology in most all-sacred scriptures of the world. For more information about the history of numerology, please see [numerologyhistory].

These things are extremely esoteric, and very controversial because of this. One person's revelation about all this DNA information is another person's foolishness. As it should be, spiritual perceptions are personal. The things that cannot be proven in empirical ways are proven only through the intuition and discernment of those doing the viewing. Many will find treasures in what others feel is a hocus pocus junk heap of meaningless information. That's why I have always said that if it's junk to you, then you should not spend another moment here. Let this be instead for those who wish to discern the truth and are willing to let a higher spiritual connection work with them on it. This is not a doctrine that we wish anyone to believe who isn't ready to do so.

My "spiritual mother" is the teacher, Barbra. This is Barbra Dillenger, who lives in Del Mar, California, and was supportive in helping this non-believing engineer get a grip on his spiritual gifts. Barbra was the one who encouraged me when I wondered what kind of a track I was on, and if any of it was real or not. Indeed, history has shown that the Kryon work is valid and needed to be done, and I attribute this in part to a few very pivotal moments when I could have gone either way, but where Barbra showed me the wisdom I needed to hear.

Kryon told me to, "Go to Barbra," regarding the missing pieces I would need for the DNA channelling to come. When I scheduled a meeting with her, she was puzzled for a moment, since she didn't feel that she had anything I needed. She then remembered that she had an old, obscure book, out of print, called, The 72 Divine Names (Of The Myriad Expressions Of The Living God) by Dr. J. J. Hurtak. The 72 names of God were originally decoded from letters found in a biblical passage describing Moses' miraculous parting of the Red Sea. They have become a very profound study within the Kabbalah studies. They are also named in a very popular book by Yehudah Berg. But I liked the listing in the Hurtak book that Barbra had. Hurtak is the author of the very famous metaphysical book The Keys of Enoch, and is a very respected scientist and spiritual historian. I wondered what the book would tell me. I quickly found out, since the book was really big, and was a beautiful exposure of the 72 names of God, as presented in history, and given again by J.J. Hurtak.

I took the book in my hands and asked Kryon, "What now?"

Kryon said, "Twelve of the 72 names are the names of DNA layers…learn them." Naturally, I asked, "Which ones?" With this, I only got that nice, warm Kryon smile energy that I always get, when Kryon won't answer a direct question at that moment. I understood it. I would have to just "know" it when I saw it. Again, for those of you who don't know my work that well, this is often the way Spirit works. We are expected to do the intuitive work with our own spiritual gifts, so that what we develop turns about to be something we did instead of having it handed to us on a plate. It's part of "self empowerment" that Kryon teaches all the time.

The first task was to cull out the 12 names from the 72. I did it intuitively, reading each name and sensing the energy around it. This was the first time I ever had to try to sense the energy of words I could not pronounce but could see on the page. Kryon was with me here, and I carefully wrote down the 12 names, but nothing else.

I had my 12 Hebrew names, but I was not happy. First, it seemed like cheating that I would have these Hebrew names in advance of a channelling. I didn't know what names went with what layers, but still, I had them in advance of something that in the past has always been "at the moment" and impromptu, as the channelling process naturally is. Later, I also realized that since I don't speak Hebrew, not only would I need the names in advance, but I would need coaching to help my English mouth pronounce Hebrew names.

I spoke to Kryon... I do that a bunch... but I had a very important question: "Are these names really needed? It would be so much easier not to have them involved. After all, who really will relate to this? It's the information about each layer that's important, not the Hebrew name. It could easily be presented without the Hebrew and nobody would care." It just seemed to me that to add that extra to it... and something I had in advance... would not be required.

This is when Kryon told me that these "core language" names [as he calls Hebrew] were important to the process. DNA is filled with divinity, he has said, but what really got my attention is when the scientist Gregg Braden came along. He profoundly confirmed the connection for me in his book, The God Code. Here, Gregg used a process called Gematria to translate chemistry into Hebrew characters using the periodic table of elements. The surprise he received (and against all odds of chance, in my opinion) was a code in DNA that actually spelled out a sacred Hebrew name that means "The God Within," as the first chemical sequence of every protein-encoded DNA segment of life. Now that's amazing! It was Kryon's wink that said, "See? The Hebrew is important in DNA."

So, there I was with 12 Hebrew Names. Then along comes Ilan. Elan Cohen is my Israeli host. He has taken me and the Kryon team to Israel twice now, and Hebrew is his first language. Since he now lives in the U.S.A. (Sedona, Arizona), working with Peggy Phoenix Dubro of the EMF Balancing Technique and married to her daughter Shana, he was available to be my Hebrew speaking coach. It's Elan's voice you hear on the Website as you click the names to hear them. Those who speak Hebrew will tell me that he wasn't very successful as a coach (OK, OK... so it sounds really bad, but I'm from Southern California), but at least I tried. The meaning of each Hebrew name was also channelled at the moment. In reviewing the meanings given by Hurtak, they are sometimes similar, and sometimes not. So it really is specifically about DNA, and not about Hurtak's work.

Each time I would channel a new layer (or layers) of DNA, Kryon would tell me a few weeks before which of the 12 I would be channelling. I would quickly call Ilan and he would teach me how to say them (whew!). So when you hear me in channel, you know that I have already had the name to practice with, even without any of the other information, or in many cases without the number of the layer, either. When we got down to the last few names on the list, naturally I knew what was left, but still didn't know the exact layers’ numbers.

This continued for a few years until we got to the final two layers, which were presented in Mt. Shasta in June 2006. What I didn't expect that day was a full synopsis, complete with Lemurian translations, numerological assignments, subgroupings and a revelation about a special spiritual code! (Read the transcript or listen to the channelling for more on that.)

So it became a book in 2010 (finally), and Elan created not only the cover, but all the color graphics within the book. Elan is the artist who intuitively received the patterns that go with the names. I think his Hebrew will help, too – not to mention that he was born in Israel.

So it is now complete, and I wish to give credit to Elan Cohen, Barbra Dillenger and J.J. Hurtak (who had no idea of his help). Sometimes Spirit uses many sources that end up in a single project. This was the case this time, and I just wanted you to know some of the profound help I received in this endeavor.

Blessings to you all,

Lee Carroll